Is it the Great flood or nuclear war?

The flood is the topic of conversation almost often but is it actually the case? There is knowledge concerning a calamity that wiped out all life on our planet that may be found in the mythology and tales of almost every nation on the face of the Earth. There is evidence that a nuclear war burst on Earth in ancient periods, which would have been catastrophic for all living beings.

In the course of their research into the composition of our globe, scientists have come to the following conclusion: shockingly, the Earth is actually plagued with some weird funnels.

Many people refer to them as the scars of our planet, and many are seriously considering the possibility that the global nuclear war wiped off previously affluent and highly powerful civilizations. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these enigmatic scars and see what they are.

There are as many as 100 craters of diverse depths and diameters spread over an average of two to three kilometers, according to various estimations provided by scientists. On the other hand, there are craters that are deeper. That makes a total of two of them. One in South America with a diameter of 40 kilometers, and the other in Africa with a diameter of 120 kilometers. Now, let’s make the assumption that these things were developed during the Paleozoic period, which occurred around 350 million years ago. This is how scientists generally approach the topic of considering a worldwide catastrophe.

However, if one were to continue from the assumption that sand and soil, wind, volcanic dust, and other such factors all contribute to an increase in the thickness of the Earth by one meter per one hundred years, then it would seem that there should be no craters at all. However, they maintain their ability to terrify you with their massive stature.

Everything seems to make sense, to a greater or lesser extent, if we assume that the conflict described in the myths and legends really occurred approximately 25,000 years ago. The rise in the layer of soil would have been just 250 meters, which is something that would be perfectly normal.

But what would happen to a planet if, once again based on the estimates of experts, a bomb with the equivalent of 5,000 megatons of TNT went off on it?

The dust and soot would have made it such that the sun could not be seen. There would have been a nuclear winter that engulfed the whole Earth. It’s important to keep in mind that the ancient Maya had two different calendars: one with 240 days, and the other with 290 days. Researchers are of the opinion that this has a causal connection to the catastrophic catastrophes that had place on Earth. Even though the orbit of the planet did not change, the day became noticeably longer as a result of a tremendous impact that produced a redistribution of water and ice on the surface of the planet.

In the first scenario, a day consisted of 36 hours, but in the second scenario, there were only 32 hours. Experiments that were carried out provide credence to this hypothesis, which states that if a person is buried alive and prevented from seeing a clock, he would eventually begin to live in accordance with the rhythm that is programmed into his body, which is a 36-hour cycle. This is the recollection of his history that can be found in his genes.

Because of the disaster and the flames that it started, there must have been the release of energy that is 28 times more than that which was produced by the explosions themselves. Every living creature was either consumed by the fire or unable to breathe due to the presence of carbon monoxide. The Maya recorded their account of the catastrophe that befell them in a document known as the Rio Codex. In it, they said, “The dog that arrived had no fur, and its claws fell off.” This is an example of radiation illness.

Is it the Great flood or nuclear war?

According to the findings, people living inside the radius of the radioactive zone surrounding Chernobyl are more likely to acquire cyclopia illness. It is important to remember that many stories describe encounters with magnificent cyclops, and some even reference whole mutant peoples. Gigantism, which is the doubling of internal organs and other body parts, is another type of genetic mutation.

In addition, there is no question in the minds of the scientific community that the Mongoloid race is the undisputed inheritor of the mutation. These include the Chinese, the Mongolians, the Eskimos, the Uralic, the South Siberians, and the inhabitants of both Americas. However, in the past, people of this race could be found not only in Asia but also in Europe, Egypt, and other places throughout the world. At that time, they belonged to a much greater number of different ethnicities. It is remarkable that the contemporary distribution of Mongoloid race covers most of those countries, which probably were held by old sophisticated civilizations before the purported great apocalypse.

Well, this may come as a shock to you, but freak offspring and children born with atavism are also regarded to be direct proof of some form of nuclear war. And mutation is nothing more than a relic from our remote ancestors that periodically rears its head in our times. In addition, this explains why mutants may be born to individuals who seem to be in excellent condition while carrying the mutation.

Despite this, the conflict did not end. People and their subterranean defenses started to be targeted by lasers as a means of elimination by the governments that had managed to maintain their military dominance. Human hands, or more accurately human weapons, are responsible for creating the world-famous “pipes” that can be seen in galleries all over the globe.

Nevertheless, the digging of tunnels and the creation of subterranean passageways were both common practices long before the nuclear war. This explains why there are so many caverns spread out over our planet. To this day, we consider them to be natural structures; yet, if a contemporary subway were left unused and unmaintained for the next 500 years, what do you suppose it would become?

The underground tube connecting Spain and Morocco is a great example of this notion. It is the only place in the caverns where an incredible kind of monkeys known as the “Magots of Gibraltar” may be found. These monkeys are found just at the cave’s outlet.

According to the projections, the nuclear winter was expected to endure around 20 years. The humans who made their homes in the caverns eventually lost their ability to see their surroundings. They experienced a slowing in their development. Because of this, tales about trolls, white-eyed weirdos, elves, and dwarves have been passed down through the ages. They just didn’t see any need to interact with people since they didn’t feel it essential. The most incredible thing is that their offspring are still alive today; specifically, the black-skinned Pygmies of Africa and the white-skinned Menehetes of Guinea. Both of these people have survived to this day.

Man progressively grew savage. There was a loss of knowledge. There was no one to transmit the information that had been accumulated before the calamity from one generation to the next. The history of humanity started from the very beginning.

Why did this conflict break out? Unknown! However, the reality of the matter is that the conflict was, as determined by the conclusions reached by the scientists, in the end. It is in the best interest of mankind to put a stop to any more occurrences of it.

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