What evidence of the flood reality do modern scientists have?

The flood is described in detail in the Bible and the myths and histories of the world’s peoples. According to the biblical story, this was a divine punishment to people for their anger, hatred, and evil.

However, there was a chosen one among them – this is Noah and his family. God instructed him to build a huge ark, where his loved ones and living creatures waited out the flood. Scientists suggest that this is far from the only large-scale flood on the earth. And archaeologists and geologists were able to obtain evidence that the flood did occur and that it could have been provoked.

How many large-scale floods were on earth, and where did the water go then

What evidence of the flood reality do modern scientists have?

Historians mention not only the flood. It turns out that several large-scale cataclysms occurred on earth, which not only led to the death of people but also could radically change a life. Scientists put forward the assumption that there were at least 30 floods, and now the earth has approached the 31st. All processes in space and on the planet depend on cycles.

The standard cosmic cycle lasts about 13 thousand years. Of course, for a person, this is a huge period. Therefore, with the onset of a new stage, there is a risk that a new large-scale flood will again cover the earth. The next cataclysm can overtake humanity already in the XXIII century. True, the rise in water will be gradual (from 4-12 cm to 25 meters). Then everything will decline. History highlights several large-scale floods.

The first one happened 18 thousand years ago. Most oceanic civilizations suffered from it. These are Atlantis, Hyperborea, and Lemuria. Their lands went deep into the water for 1-1.5 km. The same Plato mentioned in his writings that Atlantis owned huge land areas right up to Egypt.

The fact that there was a gigantic amount of water in these territories is confirmed by water erosion on the Sphinxes. The climate of Ancient Egypt is dry. And the presence of water erosion can prove not only that it was in the water for a long time but was also built in a humid and rainy climate. After the death of these people, humanity started everything from scratch.

The second or Biblical flood (Sumerian) occurred 7 thousand years ago. A strong earthquake provoked it. As a result, the isthmus of the Dardanelles was broken. This caused the water level to rise in several seas (Black, Mediterranean, Aegean, and Marmara) by 100 meters. Residents of Europe and Asia have suffered from the water. Few managed to survive.

The biblical story of the Flood and Noah’s Ark

What evidence of the flood reality do modern scientists have?

The great flood was described in detail in the Bible. However, this story is also mentioned in other religions and histories of various peoples of the world. Nevertheless, some experts doubt whether these events were real or just an invention of individual people. Despite the sin committed by the first people, God granted longevity to the descendants of Adam and Eve so that they could quickly populate the earth.

In return, the Lord asked to keep the faith and lead a righteous life. At first, knowledge about God and his sermons was passed down from generation to generation. However, over time, people have changed. They let evil, greed, envy, and debauchery into their lives. Then the Lord decided to send rain to the earth, washing away all corruption and evil spirits. Before the flood, God decided to save the righteous people who were still on the earth.

His choice fell on Noah, who had a pure heart and strong faith. The Lord told him to build a large wooden ship – the ark. When everything was ready, Noah brought there “a pair of each creature.” Noah’s family, animals, and birds remained in the ark. It rained for many days and nights, flooding everything around. Then people understood everything and regretted that they had forgotten about the promises to God. This lasted more than half a year


The ark stopped at the top of Mount Ararat. Although the rain had stopped, the water still covered the entire land. Noah released birds several times, but they all returned. So there was still a lot of water. When the pigeon flew away again, it never returned. Noah, his family, and all the living creatures set foot on the earth, and thanksgiving was rewarded to the Lord from all those who were saved. From now on, a new beginning was laid for all living things.

What facts can confirm that the flood is part of the real story?

Many have no doubts that this natural cataclysm did take place, taking millions of lives. This is mentioned in mythology and the histories of various nationalities. However, until now, experts cannot come to the general date of the flood. According to the church chronology, this event took place in 2262 from the creation of the world.

Other facts confirm the real history of the Great Flood:

  • In the fossilized terrestrial rocks, geologists were able to find signs of a large-scale catastrophe.
  • Archaeologists managed to find ancient scrolls on the territory of the Dead Sea. There is a description of the Flood and Noah’s ark. True, he did not resemble a wooden ship house but a pyramid.
  • Noah’s ark was preserved on Mount Ararat as the main proof of those times. The fact is that the height of the mountain is 5165 meters. Moreover, about 1 thousand meters fall on its glacial summit. The mountain is considered dangerous and difficult to climb. Some daredevils still managed to get to its top and see the ark. A climber from France, Fernand Navarra, managed to visit the ark in 1955. He managed to take samples for radioactive analysis, and he confirmed that the age of this artifact is more than 5 thousand years. Several other expeditions have also confirmed its authenticity.

Today, most experts adhere to the version of a natural cataclysm that could have provoked the flood. We are talking about a large-scale earthquake that damaged the isthmus of the Dardanelles. A large area of Europe and Asia was flooded with water.

The reasons that could cause the flood on the planet, can it happen again

Most scientists are inclined to believe that the Great Flood is a real part of human history. And it’s not just guesswork. There is evidence and finds that support all of these events. For example, there are lakes with saltwater on land (Dead Sea, Lake Tuz, Dus-Khol, and others). Or where did whole ancient cities and settlements come from water?

The fact is that the flood during that period was not caused simply by many days of rain. It was a catastrophe on a planetary scale. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have caused the earth to break apart. Water began to come from the bowels of the planet.

Scientists managed to find a small diamond in Brazil. It was formed at a depth of about 500 km and was thrown to the surface. The sensation was that a ringwoodite crystal was immured inside the diamond.

This formation was created surrounded by water and contained up to 2% liquid. Scientists suggest that water reservoirs are located in the earth’s bowels at a depth of 400-500 km. There is a hypothesis that deep water comes out to the planet’s surface after a certain period.

After a while, it again merges into the depths. The volume of the earth’s hydrosphere changes due to movement in the mantle and crust of the planet.

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