8 kings ruled before the Great Flood: How biblical and Sumerian texts coincide

The coincidences found in the Book of Genesis (Bible) and the ancient Sumerian texts force scholars to take these sources seriously as descriptions of the pre-Flood history of mankind.

We are talking about events that occurred before the Great Flood. In the Book of Genesis, we read that there were eight generations between Adam and Noah. And Noah, as we know, survived the flood and saved mankind along with all the animals from extinction.

Now let us turn our attention to the ancient Sumerian texts. Unfortunately, scientists have only excerpts found at different times and in different places. However, they are certain that all these passages are part of a single work – the so-called Sumerian leaf-list. It also says that 8 kings ruled the world for 241,200 years before the Great Flood.

Sumerian texts
Sumerian texts

As we can see, the number of generations coincides, but that’s not all. Both the Bible and Sumerian sources claim that before the universal catastrophe, people lived very long. Only after the flood did the duration of human existence in this world decrease sharply. Note: the Sumerians wrote of the reign of Eridug for 28,800 years or, for example, Alalar for 36,000 years.

Sumerian King
Sumerian King

Scientists are skeptical about such a long lifespan, believing that such large numbers resulted from the habit of ancient chroniclers mythologizing events and exaggerating everything that can be counted. However, the coincidences in texts written in different millennia are noteworthy.

Interestingly, the Sumerians told of the extraterrestrial origin of the pre-Potopian rulers. In particular, the texts contain a statement about the beginning of the Eri-duga kingdom “after the kingdom had descended from heaven”. This fact can also be attributed to ordinary mythology.

However, scientists still remind us that the sources written several thousand years ago contain not only fiction, but also the truth about the events that really happened.

Noah survived the flood and saved mankind along with all the animals from extinction
Noah survived the flood and saved mankind along with all the animals from extinction

As explained by the researcher of the ancient chronicles R.K. Harrison in his works, and in particular, in the desk book of many researchers of human history before the Flood – Old Testament Times, the section of the Sumerian lists, which tells of the pre-Flood history, is taken seriously by science and helps to restore the chronology of the kings in Mesopotamia. And as for the stories of their extremely long stay in power, even among scientists, there is no consensus.

According to Harrison, some researchers do not even want to hear about how seriously to take the references to ancient long livers. Others insist that we have no evidence to refute the Sumerian, biblical and other ancient texts.

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