“It’s a curse for man to wash his wife’s underwear,” actress reveals

The Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe, better known as Maame Dokono, expressed her opinion about the husbands who wash the underwear of their wives. Maame says that “It is a curse for a man to wash his wife’s underwear”.

The actress intervened during a video interview. The facilitator asked Maame Dokono what she thought about the fact that many women are forcing their husbands to wash their underwear for them. She appeared very surprised by the question, saying that the world has deteriorated lately.

“How can you allow your husband to wash your underwear?”, She reacted with surprise.

According to Grace Omaboe, a husband washing a woman’s underwear would prevent him from succeeding in life. According to the actress, if she ever saw her son washing his wife’s underwear, she would hit her son in the face with objects. Maame Dokono added that it was unacceptable for a man to do so because the man would be considered stupid.

The Ghanaian actress was stating that it is highly unacceptable for a man to have intimacy with a woman who is in her period because it is a taboo.

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