Ivorians roast Eudoxie Yao inside dust on social media

A birthday supposed to be one of all awesome days, but that turns a little vinegar for the Eudoxie Yao, Bimbo of Côte d’Ivoire. Ivorians have almost lynched the star of social networks for somewhat questionable reasons.

On June 14th, Eudoxie Yao celebrated her birthday. On this occasion, the woman, who became famous because of her spectacular curves, attracted the fury of Ivorian netizens with two photos and statements that could be described as innocuous.

For her birthday, Eudoxie Yao first published a photo of her posing next to a white Range Rover. The following words accompanied the picture; “It’s my day, my birthday, wish me a happy birthday and my baby with words of blessings. This will be my best gift. I love you, the queen of June 14th.”

So far, everything is fine, but the Ivorians ignite when Eudoxie posts a second photo of herself. This time, she posed next to a black Range Rover. The picture itself is not a problem; the least we can say is that the accompanying words are ill-advised.

The Facebook post that followed the picture stated: “My babies I received a 2nd RANGE ROVER to go to the market and my little races. Say thank you to GOD for me, too many blessings in my body at the time. Call me now DOXY ROVER. Need a driver.”

It’s primarily from the second posts that the Internet users started roasting her by making her look ridiculous. Fans of trickery software have given themselves over to it to their heart’s content.

They have made images showing her on a yacht, next to a plane, a camel, and even a rocket. They thumbed a nose at her claim that she was given two Range Rovers for her birthday. In addition to the two cars, she claims to have received a generous sum of 21 million FCFA.

A lie, according to Internet users, but also according to Mike le Bosso, one of the promoters of Ivorian music living in France. “You mustn’t take Ivorians for fools… Sery Dorcas got a car and some money for her birthday, and you want to do like her… Just for you alone, we don’t believe for a second! It’s VI (illusion seller)… 2 cars, 21 million, iPhone 11. It’s what a boy we never see, but who offers imaginary gifts,” he commented on the Ivorian star.

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