Jessy Taylor cries the lungs out after she lost Instagram profile

A normal job? Pure horror for Jessy Taylor. And so the young lady from Tampa (Florida) cries the lungs out of her body because she has lost her Instagram profile. As a popular ‘influencer’, she literally lives on social media, so her fans are of vital importance. “I don’t want to work in McDonald’s more or end up on the street as a prostitute,” it sounds in tears.

Jessy Taylor had collected more than 113,000 followers, but none of that remains since internet scrolls reported her account en masse as spam. In an emotional outburst on YouTube, she explains why this loss affects her so hard. “I can’t offer anything without my followers. I do my best to become a better person and then a bunch of ‘haters’ start reporting to me.”

“It is better to think twice about this in the future because you are now destroying my life. I earn all my money with this and I don’t want to lose that. Some would like to see me do a normal job, so work from 9 am to 5 pm. But that’s not how I am. I just came to Los Angeles to avoid such a life.”

“Worked as a prostitute”

“I had to fight hard to grow up on Instagram. Now all of that is suddenly taken away from me and I am left with a rotten feeling. Understand that now: this is my life. I used to work as a prostitute. I got undressed every day. By earning my money online now, I was able to leave that miserable period behind me. I never want to experience such misery again.”

Jessy Taylor cries the lungs out after she lost Instagram profile

“My own family has abandoned me. Almost everyone I know has already planted a knife in my back. Put you in my shoes: nobody could keep this up for a long time.”

“Was a ‘loser’ pur sang”

Jessy Taylor had, in her own words, been specifically driven to San Francisco to regain her profile, but in vain. “You must realize that I cannot do anything. I have 20,000 dollars, in order to study anyway. I used to work in a McDonald’s and I was a ‘loser’ pur sang. I do not mean that such a job is inferior, but I do not want that life back.”

Jessy Taylor cries the lungs out after she lost Instagram profile

“I am perfectly happy with what I am doing now. I simply do not have the qualities to perform a normal job. I am worth nothing and cannot take care of myself financially. I am not good at work, so stop reporting. I really don’t want to end up on the street as a homeless and addicted prostitute.”

“Long ago that I saw something so pathetic”

You can probably guess it: the reactions to Jessy Taylor’s impulsive tirade didn’t sound particularly tender. “Long ago that I have seen something so pathetic”, Jessy sounds. And: Time that she enters the real world. She admits that she has nothing to offer society, “why do we make it ‘stars’ and earn money from us? ”

Jessy Taylor cries the lungs out after she lost Instagram profile

Jessy Taylor has since made a follow-up video. In it, she explains why she took the step towards prostitution. “I did it to have a roof over my head. If you sleep with someone, you might as well get paid for it. You only see that person once. I certainly do not advise other girls to follow my example, but I had no other choice. Thanks to that money, I didn’t have to worry about the rent and I could focus more on my music and social media.”

She has also created a new profile on Instagram. She has now collected more than 4,700 followers there.

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