Jiang’s Stanza: most mysterious book in the history of humanity

The Text of Dzyan (from the Sanskrit term “Dhyan,” which means “mystical meditation”) is the earliest known book about the origins of the Universe and Life. Nobody knows when this book was published or who wrote it. It’s impossible to say who first reported the “Book of Dzyan,” which was purportedly handed to India from Venus. This work was dubbed “Jiang’s Stanzas” by Louis Jacollio… Some say it was penned over ten thousand years ago, while others say it’s just a million years old.

Many old book specialists feel that the manuscript of Jiang’s Stanza is the most perplexing book in the whole history of humanity, and with good cause. According to tradition, Venusian aliens delivered this expertise to Earth.

It was handed down to the most ancient culture in Asia by aliens. Apollonius of Tyana, who lived in the first century AD., became familiar with the manuscripts of “Jiang’s Stanza,” which the priests-brahmins of India gave him over for reading after recognizing him as “their own.” He acknowledges that this book taught him to do miracles, but at the same time, catastrophes started to befall everybody who came into touch with the book for some inexplicable reason.

During her travels, the great witch Helena Blavatsky learns from an Egyptian magician about the existence of the “forbidden book” and how she may read it via clairvoyance.

Helen traveled to India in 1852 and got “Stanza Jiang” as a gift from the Brahmins. She was motivated to compose her Secret Doctrine by the words from this book. She quickly gets the first warning that she would be in serious danger if she did not return Jiang’s Stanzas.

Helena ignores the warnings and locks the book away in a safe. She gets very unwell after a time, but the physicians are unable to diagnose her.

She is plagued by terrifying images in both her dreams and reality. She was inspired to go on a new voyage to India, where yogis accompanied her. Helena traveled back to Europe via ship, and despite the ship exploding in the middle of the night, she amazingly survived.

She was certain that some big group had taken up arms against her at this point. She threatens to reveal the contents of this book for the sake of her own salvation, but disasters continue to mystically hound her. Jiang’s Stanza manuscript inexplicably vanished from her safe after she died in London.

The version of The Book of Dzyan

(Stanzas are written to be used in transcendental meditation. Independent study of the topic requires some intellectual forethought and a clear cognitive objective on the part of the learner. Each of the sections may be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on the reader’s spiritual experience, which, in our view, demonstrates the work’s ‘multidimensionality’).

I. Esoteric cosmology

Stanza I
  1. The Eternal Mother – Giving Birth, hidden in her Veils, Ever – Invisible, once again dozed in the continuation of the Seven Eternities.
  2. Time was not, it rested in the Endless Depths of Duration.
  3. There was no Universal Reason; for there was no Ah-hi to contain Him.
  4. There were no Seven Paths to Bliss. There were no Great Causes of Suffering, for there was no one to be generated and seduced by them.
  5. One Darkness filled the Infinite Everything, for the Father – Mother and the Son were once again one, and the Son had not yet awakened for the New Wheel and Wanderings on it.
  6. The Seven Supreme Lords and the Seven Truths ceased to exist, and the Universe – the Necessity of the Son – was immersed in Paranishpanna in order to be exhaled by what is and at the same time is not. There was nothing.
  7. The Causes of Existence have disappeared; the former Visible and the Existing Invisible rested in the Eternal Non-Being – the One Being.
  8. Only the Unified Form of Existence, boundless, endless, causeless, stretched out, resting in a Dream devoid of Dreams; Unconscious life pulsed in the Universal Space in the Omnipresence of that which is felt by the open Eye of Dangma.
  9. But where was Dangma when the Alaya of the Universe was in Paramartha, and the Great Wheel was Anupadaka?
Stanza II

1.… Where were the Builders, the Radiant Sons of the Dawn of Manvantara?… In the Unknowable Darkness, in their Ah-khi Paranishpanna. The Creators of Forms from No-Form – the Root of the World – Devamatra, and Svabhavat rested in the Bliss of Non-Being.

  1. … Where was the Silence? Where is the ear to feel it? No, there was neither Silence nor Sound; nothing but the Unbreakable Eternal Breath, which does not know itself.
  2. The hour has not struck yet; The Ray has not yet penetrated the Embryo; Matripadma is not yet swollen.
  3. Her Heart has not yet opened for the entry of the One Ray, in order to then cast it, as Three into Four, into the bowels of Maya.
  4. Seven have not yet been born from the Fabric of Light. Darkness alone was Father – Mother, Svabhavat; and Svabhavat was in Darkness.
  5. These Two are the Germ, and the Germ is One. The Universe was still hidden in the Divine Thought and the Divine Womb.
Stanza III
  1. … The Last Awe of the Seventh Eternity trembles in Infinity. The Mother swells, spreading from the inside out, like a Lotus bud.
  2. Awe spreads, touching with its swift Wing the entire Universe and the Embryo, which is in the Darkness, the Darkness that breathes over the dormant Waters of Life.
  3. Darkness radiates Light, and Light casts a lone Ray into the Water, into the Depth of the Mother’s Womb. The Ray penetrates the Virgin Egg, the Ray awakens awe in the Eternal Egg and sows the Non-eternal Embryo, which condenses into the World Egg.
  4. Three fall into Four. The radiant Nature is becoming larger; Seven inside, Seven outside. The Radiant Egg, threefold in itself, curls up, spreading milky-white Clots in the Depths of the Mother, the Root growing in the Depths of the Ocean of Life.
  5. The root remains, the Light remains, the Clots remain, and yet Oeaohoo is One.
  6. The Root of Life was in every Drop of the Ocean of Immortality, and the Ocean was Radiant Light, which was Fire and Heat and Movement. The darkness disappeared and no longer existed; she disappeared in her Nature, in the Body of Fire and Water, Father and Mother.
  7. Behold, O Lana, the Radiant Child of those Two, the incomparable, shining Greatness-Space of Light, the Son of the Space of Darkness, emerging from the Depths of the Great Dark Waters. This is Oeaohoo Junior. He shines like the Sun, He is Flaming, the Divine Dragon of Wisdom; Eka is Chatur, and Chatur takes Three for itself, and the Union gives birth to Sapta (seven), in it are Seven, who become Tridasha, the Host and the Many. See him lifting the Veil and unfolding it from East to West. He hides the Above and leaves the Base, manifested as the Great Illusion. He marks the places for the Shining ones and turns the Higher into the Boundless Sea of Fire and the One Manifest into the Great Waters.
  1. Where was the Fetus? And where was the darkness now? Where is the Spirit of the Flame that burns in your Lamp, O Lana? The embryo is THAT and THAT is Light, the White, Shining Son of the Father, in the Darkness of the Hidden One.
  2. Light is a cold Flame, And Flame is Fire, and Fire gives birth to Heat, which produces Water, – the Water of Life in the Great Mother.
  3. Father-Mother spins the Cloth, its upper edge is attached to the Spirit, the Light of the One Darkness, and the lower one to the Shadow edge, to matter; and this Fabric is the Universe, woven of two Aspects, fused together, which is Svabhavat.
  4. It spreads when the Breath of Fire is over it; it contracts when the Mother’s Breath touches it. Then the Sons separate and scatter in order to return to the Mother’s Womb at the end of the Great Day, in order to reunite with her. When it cools, it becomes radiant. Her Sons unfold and contract by Themselves and by their Hearts; they contain Infinity.
  5. Then Svabhavat sends Fohat to solidify the Atoms. Each is a piece of the Fabric. Reflecting, like a mirror, the “Self-existent Lord”, each, in turn, becomes the World.
Stanza IV

1.… Attend, you Sons of Earth, to Your Instructors – the Sons of Fire! Know: there is neither the first nor the last, for everything is the One Number, issued from the No-Number.

  1. Get to know what we, who proceeded from the Primordial Seven, we, born of the Primordial Flame, learned from our Fathers …
  2. From the Radiance of Light – the Ray of Eternal Darkness – the Energies, re-awakened, rushed into the Space; One of the Egg, Six and Five. Then Three, One, Four, One, Five – Twice Seven, the Sum of All. And these are the essence of Nature, Flame, Beginnings, Builders, Numbers, Arupa, Rupa and Power or Divine Man – the Sum of All. And from the Divine Man came Forms, Sparks, Sacred Animals and Messengers of the Intimate Fathers, imprisoned in the Most Holy Quaternary.
  3. It was the Host of the Voice, the Divine Mother of the Seven. The sparks of the Seven are subject to the servants of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh of the Seven. They are called Spheres, Triangles, Cubes, Lines and Shapers; for this is how the Eternal Nidana – Oi-Ha-Hou is held.
  4. Oi-Ha-Hou is Darkness, Infinity, or Non-Number, Adi-Nidana, Svabhavat 0. Adi-Sanat, Number, for he is One. The Voice of the Word, Svabhavat, Numbers, for he is One and Nine. “Square without Form”. And these Three, enclosed within 0, are the Sacred Four; and Ten are the essence of the Arupa Universe. Then come the Sons, the Seven Warriors, One – the Eighth is left aside, and his Breath is the Light-Giver.
  1. … Then the Second Seven, who are Lipiki, begotten by the Three. Rejected Son One. The “Sons of the Sun” are countless.
Stanza V
  1. The Primordial Seven, the original Seven Breaths of the Dragon of Wisdom, in turn, generate with their Sacred Circular-Spiral Breath a Fiery Vortex.
  2. They make him the Messenger of their Will. Jue becomes Fohat; the impetuous Son of the Divine Sons, whose Sons are Lipika, rush in a spiral vortex. Fohat is the Horse, and Thought is the Rider. Like Lightning, it pierces the clouds of fire. Makes Three, Five and Seven advances through Seven Areas Above and Seven Areas below. He lifts up His Voice and summons countless Sparks, uniting them together.
  3. He is their guiding spirit and guide. Beginning the work, he separates the Sparks of the Lower Kingdom, which in joy rush and tremble in their luminous abodes, and forms from them the Embryos of Wheels. He places them in the Six Directions of space and One in the middle – the Middle Wheel.
  4. Fohat draws spiral lines to connect the Sixth with the Seventh – the Crown. The host of the Sons of Light stands at every corner; Lipiki in the Middle Wheel. They say, “This is good.” The First Divine World is ready; First; Second. Then the “Divine Arupa” reflects itself in Chaya-Loka, the First Garment of Anupadaka.
  5. Fohat makes five Advances and builds a winged wheel at each corner of the square for the Four Most Holy … and for their Armies.
  6. Lipiks outline the Triangle, the First One, the Cube, the Second One and the Pentagram in the Egg. It is the Ring called “Pass not” for those who come down and ascend; who, during the Kalpa, advance towards the Great Day “Be with Us”… This is how Arupa and Rupa were created; from the One Light, the Seven Lights; from each of the Seven seven times the Seven Lights. The Wheels guard the Ring …
Stanza VI
  1. By the power of the Mother of Mercy and Knowledge, Kuan-Yin – the Trinity of Kuan-Shi-Yin, dwelling in Kuan-Yin-Tien-Fohat, the Breath of their offspring, the Son of the Sons, summoned from the lower Abyss the Ghostly Form of Hsien-Chan and the Seven Beginnings (Elementals ).
  2. Swift and Radiant gives birth to Seven Laya Centers, which no one can overcome until the Great Day “Be with Us”; and affirms the Universe on these Eternal Foundations, surrounding Hsien-Chan with Primary Embryos.
  3. Of the Seven – the First is manifested, the Six are hidden; Two are revealed, Five are hidden; Three are revealed, Four are hidden; Four are revealed, Three are hidden; Four and One Zang are revealed, Two and Half of One are hidden; Six must be manifested, One left aside. Finally, there are the Seven Small Wheels that revolve: one giving birth to the other.
  4. He composes them like the elder Wheels, establishing them on the Invincible Centers. Fohat, how does he build them up? He collects Fire Dust, he composes Fire Balls, rushes through them and around them, giving them life and then setting them in motion; some in one direction, others in another. They are cold, he makes them hot. They are dry, it makes them wet. They shine, he wraps and cools them. This is how Fohat acts from one Twilight to the next on the continuation of the Seven Eternities.
  5. At the Threshold of the Fourth, the Sons are instructed to create their Similarities. One Third refuses. The two obey. The curse is pronounced: they will be born in the Fourth, suffer and cause suffering. The First War began.
  1. The Elder Wheels revolved from top to bottom and from bottom to top … Mother’s embryos filled all that exists. Battles arose between Creators and Destroyers, and Battles were fought for Space; The seed was born and reappeared incessantly.
  2. Dismantle, O Lana, if you want to know the exact age of your Small Wheel. Its Fourth Spoke is Our Mother. Reach the Fourth Fruit of the Fourth Path of Knowledge leading to Nirvana, and you will know, for you will behold …
Stanza VII
  1. Cognize the beginning of Feeling Life outside of form. First Divine, One from the Mother Spirit; then Spiritual; Three from One, Four from One and Five, of which Three, Five and Seven. These are Trinity and Quaternary in descending order; Of the First Lord, the Reason-born Sons, the Shining Seven. They are You, I, He, O Lana; they watch over you and your Mother Bhumi.
  2. The Single Ray multiplies the small Rays. Life precedes Form, and Life experiences the last Atom. Through countless Rays, Ray of Life, One, like a thread in a Necklace.
  3. When the One becomes Two, the Trinity is manifested and the Three are One: this is our Thread, O Lana, the Heart of the Plant Man called Saptaparna.
  4. This is the Root that never dies; Three-tongued Flame of the Four Wicks. Wicks are Sparks that draw from the Three-Tongue Flame, propelled by the Seven, their Flame – the Rays and Sparks of the single Moon, reflected in the streaming Waves of all the Rivers of the Earth.
  5. The Spark of Fohat, united by the thinnest thread with the Flame. She wanders through the Seven Worlds of Maya. It stops in the First, becoming Metal and Stone; passes into the Second, and behold – the Plant; The plant rotates in Seven Shifts and becomes a Sacred Animal. From these properties of combinations the Manu-Thinker is created. Who creates it? Seven Lives and One Life. Who completes it? Fivefold Lha. Who is perfecting the last Body? Fish, Sin, Catfish …
  6. From the First-born, the Thread between the Silent Witness and his Shadow becomes stronger and more shining with each Change … The Morning Sunlight has transformed into the radiance of Midday …
  7. “Now, this is your Wheel,” said the Flame to the Spark. “You are I, my Likeness and my Shadow. I myself have clothed in you and you are My Wakhana, until the Day “Be with Us”, when you will again become me and others, yourself and me ”. After that, the Builders, clothed in their first shell, descend to the shining Earth and dominate over people – being themselves…

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