JoeyStarr wants to show hotel room but shows more than expected

It was an uncomfortable weekend for Didier Morville (52), known as JoeyStarr. The French rapper wanted to use social media to proudly show the view of his hotel room in Dubai to his 391,000 followers, but accidentally showed much more than he had intended. The rapper apparently had not taken into account the reflection in the hotel window.

The French artist, who is also a member of rap group Suprême NTM, has literally exposed himself to the world. Didier Morville currently resides at the Sofitel hotel in Dubai in the Middle East, where he regularly treats his followers on all kinds of holiday updates via Instagram. Similarly, during the past weekend: JoeyStarr was clearly impressed by the spectacular view of his hotel room and wanted to share that with his 391,000 followers.

He just didn’t take into account the reflection in the hotel window. Without thinking, he shared a photo of the panorama, until it soon became apparent that everyone was talking about something else. JoeyStarr received reactions from a completely different caliber: “Has he gone completely mad?”, “How stupid can you be” and “I need some water to clean my eyes, please!”

Calculated move?

The notorious photo disappeared from his profile as quickly as it appeared. Yet various followers suspect that it may be a set-up game. “As if you could overlook this, don’t make me laugh,” it sounds. Moreover, JoeyStarr is not shy about a stunt and has been discredited several times in the past, among other things for his provocative and offensive texts and the mistreatment of his former girlfriend.

View here (the censored version of) the infamous photo:

JoeyStarr wants to show hotel room but shows more than expected
©Instagram – Joeystarr

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