Judge dismisses rape case against Marilyn (but 3 more are on the way)

One of the lawsuits against Marilyn Manson (52) has been dismissed. New legal documents, which the American website TMZ could view, show that the limitation period had expired. In addition, the judge also doubted the woman’s story.

It is the American website TMZ that came out with the story. Manson was charged in May by an anonymous witness. The woman in question claimed that she was in a relationship with the singer in 2011, but Manson suddenly started to behave violently after a while. In the end, he would have raped her too.

The woman who sued Manson for sexual assault claimed she suppressed her memories of the rape. Only the judge doubted her story. The woman could not tell how her memories were suppressed or why they had only now resurfaced.

New complaint

This lawsuit may have been dismissed, but that doesn’t mean Marilyn Manson goes free. There are currently three other women who are suing the singer for sexual assault. This includes a former assistant and ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Esme Bianco.

The woman in question has been given 20 days by the court to file a new complaint. If the woman wishes to do this, she must work on her testimony in order to clear the judge’s doubts.

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