Kanye West Releases New Religious Record “To Celebrate the Birth of Jesus”

Kanye West (43) released new work on Christmas. The rapper wrote and produced the songs on the EP ‘Emmanuel’. The songs were sung by the gospel choir Sunday Service, with which he has performed regularly in the past.

That Kanye West is a religious person became clear when he started a weekly Sunday Service in 2019, a kind of church service with the gospel. The rapper previously worked with a choir and gave a performance at the Coachella music festival, among other things.

The company took to the track every Sunday before the corona crisis.

The same choir Sunday Service can also be heard on West’s new EP ‘Emmanuel’. The record contains five songs that are sung in Latin and “pay tribute to the birth of Jesus on Christmas”.

Emmanuel is a religiously inspired name found in the Bible. The record is also a sequel to ‘Jesus Is Born’, the EP that the choir released last year.

Sunday Service’s ‘Emmanuel’ can be heard on Spotify and Apple Music.

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