Kenya: Surgeons Operate A Man Who Has Swallowed His Toothbrush

This was the joy and relief last Friday after doctors at Kenya’s General Reference Hospital managed to remove a toothbrush from a man’s body.

David Charo, a native of Ganze, Kilifi County, underwent an endoscopic procedure that lasted 45 minutes. The man, 34, relieved of his pain promised to be more careful in the future. The father of two revealed that he had mistakenly swallowed his brush while he was brushing. “I was getting ready to brush my teeth, have breakfast and start my trip to Mombassa. When I started, the brush slipped and ended up in my body,” he told reporters after the operation.

Endoscopy, the procedure it has undergone, does not involve surgery, but rather encompasses a variety of techniques used by the gastroscope to remove foreign bodies while protecting the esophagus and trachea.

This incident left the net users speechless.

“How on earth does an adult swallow a toothbrush???!!! Yes a toothbrush!!! Am used to swallowing toothpaste, in my younger years. Kenya is just an exciting place to live!!!” Tweeted a user.

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