Lamborghini shows up in shed after 30 years, owner mysteriously disappeared

After more than thirty years neglected in a barn in the British countryside, a rare Lamborghini Espada has been discovered. Despite the poor conditions, the Italian V12 has withstood the test of time quite well.

For a long time, the Espada was one of the almost forgotten models of the famous Italian car manufacturer. The poor reliability and the fact that it was more of a family car than a sports car were to blame.

Some copies were parked after a series of breakdowns, some in less favourable places than others. That may have been the case with this Espada, discovered three decades later in a barn in Britain’s Lake District.

Lamborghini Espada
Lamborghini Espada. ©Lamborghinic

The barn stands on the grounds of a farm whose owner has recently passed away. After the farm was sold, the new residents discovered the rare Lamborghini behind some scrap cars.

The car has a halo of mystery, as the owner of the Lambo, who had rented the barn to store the car more than three decades ago, paid the rent for only a few months and then disappeared into thin air.

In good condition

At first glance, the car appears to be in a deplorable condition, but that is mainly due to the thick layer of dust and bird droppings on it. In fact, the car is surprisingly well preserved.

It looks complete, no parts are visibly broken, rats and mice have spared the cables under the hood and the interior leather is not mouldy or damaged. The counter shows less than 10,000 kilometres.

With just over 1200 cars produced, the Espada is already a rare car, and it is also one of the few right-hand-drive units. Therefore, a complete restoration is in order for this still futuristic-looking Lamborghini with its four more or less full-fledged seats. The car will soon be auctioned because no one has claimed the Lamborghini in the past thirty years. This will undoubtedly be a nice windfall for the new owners of the farm.

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