Lebanese arrested after offering to sell Nigerian woman for $1,000

The Lebanese man, Wael Jerro, who posted on Facebook an offer to sell a Nigerian woman at a rate of $1, 000 have been arrested. The news was announced by Abike Dabiri-Eruwa, leader of the Nigerian Diaspora Commission.

A Lebanese man, Wael Jerro, who offered on Facebook to sell a Nigerian woman for 1000 dollars, has been arrested by the Lebanese government. However, Dabiri-Eruwa did not say whether the Nigerian woman who was supposed to be a resident of Oyo state had been rescued.

Abike Dabiri-Erwa, leader of the Nigerian Diaspora Commission, announced the news on Thursday via her Twitter handle. But did not say whether the victim has been rescued or not.

She only tweeted of the traded Nigerian girl for sale on Facebook by a Lebanese. She added that the Lebanese government has just announced the arrest of Mr. Wael Jerro for further prosecution against the criminal sale of a human being, a young Nigerian girl.

Women trafficking

However, in 30 percent of the countries that have provided information on the gender of human traffickers, women make up the majority. In some parts of the world, trafficking in women is the norm. The second most common form of this trade is forced labor (18%)

Worldwide, almost 20% of all victims of trafficking are children. In some parts of Africa and the Mekong region, children are the majority (up to 100% in parts of West Africa), according to reports from the United Nations. Data shows that intra-regional and domestic trafficking are the primary forms of trafficking.

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