Libya: Toubou and Ouled Slimane tribe clash again in Sebha

An old and recurring war resumed on February 22 in Sebha in the Libyan desert, more than 770 kilometers from Tripoli.

It opposes the tribe Ouled Slimane and Toubous, who clash in the South for several years.

The divisions of the Libyan Army (ANL) and the existence of two authorities in the country further complicate the situation in Sebha and add to the confusion.

Since fighting began on 22 February, heavy and medium weapons have been used during fighting in Sebha, south-western Libya.

These clashes between Toubous and members of the Ouled Slimane tribe intensify the night after a precarious calm during the day.

However, the situation remains confused and the information from the field contradicts itself.

Toubous militias would be supported by other members of the same people from Chad, Sudan and Nigeria.

They reportedly attacked several bases of the Libyan National Army (ANL), including the airport and the city’s historic citadel.

According to witnesses, the Chadian flag was one moment hoisted above the Al Jabal hotel next to the Toubous flag.

These bases housed the Sixth Regiment of the ANL, composed of several brigades and artillery regiments.

This sixth regiment is composed mainly of members of the Ouled Slimane tribe.

A peace agreement was signed in Rome between the two tribes last March.

These new fights broke out just when the agreement was to be definitively ratified on this February 28 in Sebha in the presence of the Italian sponsors.

Mysterious Sixth Regiment

The position of this sixth regiment, which sometimes depended on the authorities of the West, sometimes on those of the East, adds to the confusion.

Marshal Khalifa Haftar , who extends his power over eastern Libya, has appointed a new commander for the regiment.

The true allegiance of the regiment remains ambiguous. Both East and West authorities announce the sending of military reinforcements to Sebha to defend the army.

For their part, the Toubous completely deny having foreign mercenaries in their ranks, contrary to the statements of the army and the inhabitants of the city.

Islamists accuse Marshal Khalifa Haftar of using these foreign mercenaries to achieve his ends and really extend his influence in the south of the country.

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