Little boy sells popcorn to raise money for a heart transplant grandpa

A boy from Indiana in the United States sells popcorn for a very special purpose: his grandfather’s heart transplant. He has already raised around three hundred dollars and hopes to earn a total of five hundred dollars.

Owen Holmes has always had a special bond with his grandfather. “When I was younger, we used to build model rockets at his home and then launch them in the park,” he says.

When he found out that his grandfather had to undergo heart surgery, he thought he should do his bit. Owen’s mum helped him make contact with a popcorn brand who wanted to help him. They started a collection campaign and quickly raised three hundred dollars.

One hundred dollars

“When I started, I was just hoping for a hundred dollars so I could give my grandfather a small bill,” Owen says. He does not want his grandfather to be worried about money in addition to his health.

Every day after school he goes to the popcorn manufacturer to pick up new orders, which he then delivers. “I just hope we can get through it and that I can build model rockets with my grandfather again,” he says.

Little boy sells popcorn to raise money for a heart transplant grandpa
©CNN – Owen (right) with his grandfather

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