Loneliness is bad: Italian Man (94) calls police for Christmas drink

A 94-year-old Italian man who felt lonely over Christmas has called the emergency number looking for someone to toast Christmas with. Eventually, the Italian Carabinieri members visited the man and raised the glass with him on Christmas.

“I don’t miss anything, I just miss a person with whom I can toast to Christmas,” the man told the police.

“Are there any officers who can come to my house for ten minutes,” he asked? The man who lives in Alto Rene Terme, near the Italian city of Bologna, said his children live far from him.

His question was successful. A moment later, members of the Carabinieri came by. Two officers toasted the man on Christmas. The Italian news agency ANSA has published a photo of the man and the agents.

According to a press release from the Italian corps, the man told them anecdotes about his experiences during World War II. He also did a video call with his relatives, with the agents next to him.

Italy introduced strict travel restrictions during the festive season in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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