Madagascar report first death of COVID-19 despite the herbal cure

Madagascar has reported the first death of the coronavirus in the country. This death occurs two months after the appearance of the first case in the country. The patient was “too sick” to take the herbal cure.

He is a 57-year-old hospital worker. The deceased who died on Saturday was a car park attendant at a hospital in the eastern city of Toamasina.

According to Professor Hanta Vololontiana, a leader of the anti-coronavirus task force, the man suffered from underlying diabetes and high blood pressure before being infected with the coronavirus.

President Andry Rajoelina said the patient was too sick to be given the herbal COVID-Organics – Madagascar herbal remedy. This tonic drink is derived from Artemesia – a plant with proven efficacy in the treatment of malaria – and other indigenous herbs.

But the World Health Organization warned against ‘adopting a product that has not been tested to see its effectiveness’. Last week, the Malagasy head of state accused the West of despising the remedy and of having a condescending attitude towards traditional African medicine.

On Sunday, he also announced that Madagascar would have a new medical analysis laboratory and a pharmaceutical factory on the 60th anniversary of the independence of his country on June 26.

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