Man on stretcher after he chased a woman into karate studio

A man wanted to kidnap a woman in North Carolina, she suddenly escaped and he chased her into a karate studio. He comes out on a stretcher. It was not his best idea at that time, reports the police.

The man tried to drag the woman with brute force into his car on Thursday at 9 o’clock in the evening at Statesville Avenue in Charlotte. The lady managed to pull out and ran away, looking for help. Coincidentally there was a karate studio in the neighbourhood and so the woman sprinted to the building. You can already guess how the story ended when the suspect then decided to pursue the woman in the studio. He was later on a stretcher brought out again after a short acquaintance with the karate instructor.

“We had just completed a lesson when a woman walked in and shouted that someone was trying to hurt her,” instructor Randall Ephraim tells CNN. “Soon after, a big guy ran into the building. At first, I thought it might be someone innocent who came for information about lessons. But he made it clear that he was there for Mrs. She shouted that she did not know him and that he wanted to kidnap her.” The karate instructor asked the man kindly if he wanted to leave the studio, but he did not want to know about anything. On the contrary, he pulled the violent card. “He became aggressive, so he received an appropriate response,” Ephraim said.

The man was wounded and taken to the hospital. It is not clear how he is now. He is being prosecuted for attempted abduction and violence.

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