Meghan’s sister is on the police list of “obsessive people”

Samantha has already visited Kensington Palace without invitation but was rejected. The incessant verbal attacks of Samantha Markle on Meghan Markle have caused the police and security team of the British royal family to add the Duchess of Sussex’s stepsister to a list of “obsessive people” that pose a risk to the reputation of the Royal family, according to a new report.

According to The Sunday Times, the officers in charge of the safety of Prince Harry’s wife, spoke with the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre of Scotland Yard, and analysed the consequences of whether Samantha tries to contact again with the Duchess – as she did in October, when she visited Kensington Palace and was rejected.

©Grosby Group – Samantha Markle tried to enter Kensington Palace and was rejected

The mission of the FTAC, according to its website, is to “evaluate and manage the risk of individuals harassing or threatening public figures”. “Someone like Samantha represents a risk rather than a threat, she is not committing a crime, but she does cause concern to the royal family,” a source at Scotland Yard told The Sunday Times.

“There are great chances that she will embarrasses the royals, Samantha could make a scandal and news for her actions, truly, she has already done so”, added the source; He also assured that there have probably already been official statements about the behaviour of the American woman and how to respond to her outbursts.

After reading the article, Samantha responded through her Twitter account: “This is ridiculous because I am in a wheelchair and I live in another continent.” “To ask that the right thing be done with respect to our father is far from being an obsession. Finish with your lies or you will be sued.”

Scotland Yard, meanwhile, said they do not confirm the identity of any person that may be of interest to the authorities until there is a complaint. Samantha is known for her harsh criticism of the Duchess, although she publicly tried to raise the flag of peace several times. Meghan has been estranged from her sister since her relationship with the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and her father was made public from the royal liaison.

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