Michelle Pfeiffer brings out her ‘Catwoman’ whip again

In 1992, Michelle Pfeiffer (60) crawled into a tight leather suit to play Catwoman in the movie “Batman Returns.” Now, 27 years later, she gets her whip covered with dust again.

“Just like riding a bike,” writes Michelle Pfeiffer at the video on Instagram in which she makes her whip pop. Her fans were in the clouds. A certain Sven De Ridder (known to us) responded: “Is Catwoman coming back? Please say yes! ‘ “Oh god,” he answered. “That would be great. I was really sad when that ended. I was just starting to feel comfortable with everything that I was dealing with and began to enjoy it. And then it was over!”

In 2004 a separate ‘Catwoman’ film was made, but the character was interpreted by Halle Berry.

Michelle Pfeiffer brings out her 'Catwoman' whip again

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