Most unique natural phenomena in the world

Natural phenomena include tidal flow, weather, etc., but unique natural phenomena like the solar pillars, red rainbow, etc., are pretty extraordinary.

The less ancient people knew about science and the structure of the world, the more myths were overgrown with phenomena that scientists today give quite logical explanations. I would like, of course, to believe in magic, but in this case, everything is accurate and prosaic.

Unique natural phenomena in the world

Solar pillars

Most unique natural phenomena in the world

This phenomenon can be seen by any person, wherever he is. Great minds explain it quite simply. Pillars of the sun are optical illusions that occur around a light source (sun or moon). In essence, this results from the interaction of a celestial body and ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Red rainbow

Most unique natural phenomena in the world

Red or “bloody” rainbows can be seen mainly during sunset. During this time, the sun’s rays travel a longer distance in the air, directly affecting the refractive index for color waves. As a result, all colors are scattered, but red remains.

Nacreous clouds

Most unique natural phenomena in the world

Mainly, this beauty can be observed in winter and spring in Alaska, Antarctica, Northern Canada, Iceland, and other Scandinavian countries. Nacreous clouds are sporadic. They are also called stratospheric clouds because they are formed in the lower atmosphere (stratosphere) at an altitude not exceeding 27 km and a shallow air temperature (below -78C).

Volcanic lightning

Most unique natural phenomena in the world

An unusual natural phenomenon can be observed only at the time of a volcanic eruption. When a column of ash breaks out of the vent, its particles have a negative charge, and thickened volcanic gases positively charge. During their interaction, visible discharges appear.

Mammatus clouds

Most unique natural phenomena in the world

You can see it everywhere, but most often, this phenomenon is observed in the United States. In essence, these are cumulus clouds that take on an intricate shape due to the impact of tropical cyclones, when heavier air begins to sink and forms a kind of pocket.

Frozen methane bubbles

Most unique natural phenomena in the world

A natural phenomenon of wondrous beauty can be seen at Lake Abraham in Canada and at Lake Baikal in Russia. In winter, when the waters of these reservoirs are covered with an ice crust, bubbles of gas (methane) that rise from the depths of the water, reaching the surface, freeze. Then, through the transparent thickness of the ice, you can see this stunning beauty.


Most unique natural phenomena in the world

Aurora is essentially the same as the northern lights. This multi-colored glow in the upper atmosphere occurs when nitrogen and oxygen interact with charged particles from the sun. A similar phenomenon can periodically be admired by residents of various territories of the poles. Still, it is tough to predict the radiance, so it becomes a great success for eyewitnesses each time. Despite the terse scientific explanations, all these phenomena were, are, and will be very impressive and fascinating.

Having seen them, you should not delve into the knowledge of physics or chemistry but enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world, which is infinitely beautiful and unique.

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