Mother flog her son (21) with belt: “warned him not to join protest”

The recording caused all kinds of reactions among social network users. Love, affection and tenderness are just some things that mothers provide their children. However, they are also able to show the anger they keep inside. When one of their offspring dares not to follow their instructions. To prove it, the following fact happened during a demonstration in Colombia.

According to information from local media, in the vicinity of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, a group of young people began to meet to demonstrate.

Before this, a furious mother arrives with a belt in hand to look for her son. Assuring that she “warned him not to participate in the march.”

In the recording, disseminated by the page ‘What happens in Bucaramanga’. It can be seen that the woman is not intimidated when a pair of young masked men approach her and try to stop her.

“I need Juan Diego Reyes Sánchez, to get out of all this shit,” she said, calling out her son. Also, you can hear the woman saying: “I told him not to get in here. I want it delivered to me at this time.”

Adolescents prefer to move away, while the mother keeps looking for her son in the crowd. So far it is unknown if he managed to find it. But reports from some users say that when she saw him, she hit him repeatedly with her belt. Her son is believed to be 21-year-old according to some users. and currently studying in the University.

Teasing, laughter and even memes did not wait. In the same way, the female received criticism. Because they assured that she did not let her blessing express his freedom of expression.

Here we leave you with the videos

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