How to please his mom: 6 tips you will definitely need

The future of your relationship largely depends on the opinion of your boyfriend’s parents about you. Getting to know your boyfriend’s parents is perhaps the most important thing in your relationship after the phrase “I love you.” How to please his parents, making the most pleasant impression?

Don’t be late

But neither a modest appearance nor a Hollywood smile will save you if you show up half an hour later than the appointed time. If the parents are people who understand, they will accept any excuse, be it monstrous traffic jams or your beloved dog, who had to be urgently taken to the vet, but the sediment will remain.

Make an effort and be punctual, at least on your first date with your boyfriend’s parents. This is the foundation of a reputation, which will then be difficult to shake.


When communicating with a guy’s parents, provided that you want them to please them, it is worth turning off the internal control freak for the time being. Accept the fact that you are not able to directly influence the feelings and thoughts of the strict couple sitting opposite, especially if your mother is initially hostile towards any girl who infringed on the freedom of her “blood.”

We understand that this is difficult but try first of all to enjoy the communication. After all, your parents’ opinion matters too – you are not the last person in your boyfriend’s life.


Silence is golden. And modesty is also held in high esteem. Still, your task is to show what kind of person you are and how to do this without being actively involved in the conversation? Share your emotions and talk about an interesting experience, whether a parachute jump or the last theatrical performance you attended.

Emotions are the keyword. Your knowledge is also valuable, but personality and charisma are still not built from numbers, facts, and diplomas.

Flatter them

Honesty and objectivity are not what is required of you now. You are not on trial. Of course, you don’t need to lie frankly about the fact that a hundred-kilogram dad is in great shape.

But emphasize and exaggerate any external and internal dignity of important interlocutors. Sincere admiration always evokes sympathy in response and sets you in a positive mood.

Be tactful

This applies to both your appearance and manners. Cleavage, miniskirts, and flashy makeup are out of place. This does not mean that you need to dress in an “orphan” style. A formal dress, suit, or skirt with a blouse, plus discreet jewellery, will emphasize your respect for the event and its participants.

In general, imagine that you will an appointment with the Queen of England and dress appropriately. As for behaviour, the most important thing is not to be too active with your boyfriend. No passionate kisses and no erotic overtones in the conversation.

Be yourself

This is the simplest answer to the question “How can a guy’s parents please?” Do not try to be someone, forcibly instil in yourself qualities that do not exist – anyway, later the deception will be revealed, and the guy’s parents will have to get to know you again.

You don’t have to be perfect to make a good impression. If your spouse’s mom and dad are adequate people, they don’t need Miss Perfect as their future daughter-in-law. They need one that suits their beloved son. The one with which he will be happy.

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