New clothing on the market that protects babies from radiation

Nowadays, many people cannot live without WiFi and their beloved smartphones. For some parents, this raises questions: is that radiation harmful to small babies? Petit Bateau now has to cater to concerned parents and a special collection: one that protects babies and toddlers against waves such as WiFi and smartphones.

“We want to protect the little ones among us by putting them in airplane mode,” says Petit Bateau. How exactly does the French brand want to tackle this?

They have developed a new fabric made from cotton and silver yarn. This mesh protects against 99.5% of all radiation, according to research by the independent agency EMITECH.

The fabric was used to make a hat and blanket. “Your baby is wrapped in a protective bubble, as it were.” Extra advantage: you can easily wash the silver colored thread and it has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

A hat costs €19.90, for the blanket you pay €89. The 2 gadgets are available online and in some selected stores.

New clothing on the market that protects babies from radiation
©Petit Bateau

Has it actually been shown that WiFi and radiation from the smartphone are dangerous for babies? No.

A great deal of research is still needed to find out in the long term the exact effects of wireless signals on children’s brains, for example.

It is known that children are more susceptible to radiation than adults, but it usually takes decades before exact problems arise. We do not yet know the precise dangers.

In short, it is, therefore, a clear case of ‘better safe than sorry’. Should parents with small children now throw their smartphone in the trash? Not immediately.

“But parents should avoid the immediate proximity of mobile phones, routers and wifi signals in the immediate vicinity of children’s beds in bedrooms,” says neurosurgeon Steven Leuven.

New clothing on the market that protects babies from radiation
©Petit Bateau

“Reason for any other form of panic seems to be unnecessary.”

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