Neza police patrol on bike due to shortage of gasoline

The shortage of gasoline that exists in some of the countries, one of them, is the State of Mexico, this phenomena is due to the plan implemented by the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador(AMLO) which seeks to combat the huachicoleros ( huachicoleros are stealing petroleum in a variety of products: raw oil, gasoline, diesel, and other hydrocarbons found in major pipelines throughout Mexico and property of Petroleos Mexicanos ‘PEMEX’).

There is no doubt that one of the characteristics of Mexicans is to get out of the bad, the good and this is the case of the municipality of Nezahualcoyotl, where for lack of gasoline, the police will conduct surveillance tours on bicycles and not patrols as some of us usually do every day.

The officers will have 250 bicycles to monitor the 100 quadrants that comprise the town hall and the almost 300 units of Civil Protection will be used only in case of emergency. The units will be located at strategic points in the locality to be used in cases that merit persecution.

Yesterday’s morning, the general director of Public Security in Neza, Jorge Amador Amador, gave the directives to the police officers, who will watch over on their two wheels drive. The official said that this operation is a contingency plan to avoid unnecessary fuel costs and added that the elements that will make the bike rondines are physically prepared to perform this task.

In Neza there are 40 service stations, of which ten are closed due to shortage of gasoline. Although this measure should be permanent to avoid pollution and help the environment, possibly as soon as the gasoline supply stabilizes, the police will return to the patrols to take care of the citizens.

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