Nigeria man sells ‘fresh kidney’ in the street (Video)

‘Fresh Kidney for sell!’ and that is how it was seen in the most populous city, Lagos, Nigeria. An unidentified Nigerian with a placard was seen on the streets of Lagos selling a kidney.

The man was holding a sign with the inscription “Fresh kidney for sale”. However, details of the kidney he was selling were not disclosed. It is assumed that it is undoubtedly his kidney that he would have put up for sale.

Regarding the current situation in Nigeria, one may starve to death and think the only solution is to put up his kidney for sale. Some rich people with kidney problems cannot get another kidney, and he thinks he can use it to make money.

However, “one kidney now costs $262,000, a heart costs $119,000, and a liver costs $157,000, in Nigeria”, according to the International Migration Organization (IOM).

While some internet users found it funny, others think the man was wrong to post such things. What do you think?

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