Top 5 unbelievable things people do because of iPhone

The desire for an iPhone cost some people incredible things: some sold their kidneys or even poisoned their loved ones.

The iPhone is the most desirable smartphone globally, and people are eager to give up hard-earned money to become part of the Apple family.

However, some people do things that exceed the norm to get their iPhone far beyond what can be considered normal behavior.

Top 5 unbelievable things people do because of the iPhone

1. Selling of kidney

Top 5 unbelievable things people do because of the iPhone
Wang Shangkun

A child in China sells his kidney for an iPhone. This is no ordinary joke, but the teenager went ahead and did it. In 2012, a 17-year-old boy sold his kidney and used the money to buy an iPhone and iPad.

Wang Shangkun, who is now 25 years old, was so desperate for the flagship devices of the Apple iPod and iPad. The reports even quoted Shangkun from Anhui Province in Eastern China: “Why do I need a second kidney? One is enough.”

Reports from that time showed that Wang was desperate to find a new iPhone to brag to his friends. He developed kidney failure shortly after an illegal operation, which is believed to have led to infection due to unsanitary conditions. He is now bedridden for life.

In 2016, two Chinese people also tried to sell their kidneys and buy an iPhone 6s that had not yet entered the market with money. However, an illegal agent, to whom they planned to sell their kidneys, never showed up.

2. Poisoned her friend

Top 5 unbelievable things people do because of the iPhone
Deborah Tushima

Deborah Tushima was reportedly poisoned on her birthday because of her iPhone 11. The Makeup artist celebrated her birthday with close friends and family on Saturday, 4th July, when she suddenly fell and soon died.

The birthday took place in Makurdi, the capital of Benue State of Nigeria. While Nigerian Police Detectives are investigating the case, sources say it was poisoned.

There are increasing rumors that she received an Apple iPhone 11 birthday present from a friend, which caused jealousy and led to her being poisoned. “Later, we found that she had heart problems that caused her to faint, and she had been slumping for some time, but neither Mum nor Dad knew about it,” a family member said.

3. Selling of baby

Top 5 unbelievable things people do because of iPhone

In 2013, a couple from Shanghai, China reportedly sold out their baby daughter and spent money on an iPhone and other luxury goods.

Mr. Teng and Ms. Zhang put their third child up for adoption. They were arrested by Shanghai prosecutors after they accepted the money. The couple wanted between 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan for the girl to buy iPhone.

In 2016, a 19-year old man sold his new-born daughter to buy himself a new iPhone and a motorbike. Mei met the buyer on popular Chinese social network QQ and sold his daughter for 23,000 Yuan.

Mei, the husband, fled Tongan after the child was sold but was tracked down by the police investigating the illegal sale. “I was adopted myself, and the people in my hometown send their children to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know it was illegal,” he said

4. Draining pond

Top 5 unbelievable things people do because of iPhone
Tried to drain the pond with two hoses and a pump

A German boy, enjoying fishing with a group of friends, accidentally dropped his iPhone overboard a boat. To get his phone back, the deperate boy wanted to drain the entire pond.

The German (16), after the fishing club refused to let him use his diving suit to remove the gadget, he took matters into his own hands by sneaking back later that night. He equipped himself with a powerful pump and two hoses.

“I thought the two pumps were pumping enough water out of the pond so I could find my mobile phone,” he told his local newspaper.

5. Man sit 18 hours in the rain

Mr Thaphengphan
Mr Thaphengphan

In 2016, Mr Thaphengphan flew from Bangkok to Sydney and sat in the rain for 18 hours to buy a new iPhone 7. A 30-year-old man marked his spot on George Street.

He defied rain, cold, construction noise and spent $800 traveling from Bangkok, Thailand, to Sydney for the launch in September.

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