Nine things to do in 10 minutes before leaving work

Are you looking forward to a boring Friday evening and counting the minutes until you can escape from work? These are the things to do wth your productive time and how to use 10 minutes.

Your joy on the eve of the weekend is understandable; your impatience is understandable. However, you not to be tormented by remorse about unfinished business on the weekend, and the following week started positively, you should spend another 10 minutes on work.

So what should you do 10 minutes before leaving the office?

Tidy up the workplace

It is trite but true: if on Monday you come to work and see a pile of papers, scattered documents, and unwashed cups on the table, the desire to work productively will disappear. So take a minute to tidy up your workplace.

Refresh the to-do list

Review your notes: what did you do today, and what did you miss? Perhaps you missed some small but important matter? This will be a kind of report to itself. By listing your accomplishments, you’ll make sure the week hasn’t been wasted.

Check your mail and missed calls

Perhaps some of these messages are important and need to be responded to immediately. Maybe some of the messages require you to think about them and estimate an approximate timetable for your actions for the next week.

Make a plan of action for the next week

You should not list all the things you have to do, highlight 3-5 of the most important ones, which cannot be forgotten and are mandatory.

Assess the work of the team

Do not voice your views. Just mention to yourself how effective you were on the team. You may argue with someone, and you need to find a way to reconciliation next week.

Perhaps, on the contrary, you were pleasantly surprised that your colleague met you halfway or showed himself in a new capacity.


Spend a minute with a completely clear head. Just sit in silence with your eyes closed, or wash with cold water. This concentration will help you mentally and emotionally end your workdays and switch to rest.

Check the schedule for Monday

What important things do you have on Monday morning? What do you have no right to miss in any way? You can place a reminder on your desk to help you get involved right away on Monday morning.

Thank someone

Indeed someone from your colleagues came to your aid, suggested the necessary information, or treated you to a chocolate bar. Saying “thank you” to him will set both you and this person on a positive.

Do something optimistic

For example, tell your colleagues a joke, in the end, draw a funny face, or compliment an employee. This little thing will improve your mood and draw the line under the workweek.

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