Pilot is dozing and misses landing to wake up for another 46 km

Oops, flying 46 km too far. Crazy, but it happened to be a pilot on a short flight from Devonport in Tasmania to King Island. The man would have dawdled at cruising altitude and flew past the Tasmanian island, eventually landing safely. The Australian airport authorities take the incident very seriously.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigates the bizarre charter flight of 8 November between Devonport in Tasmania and the town of Currie on nearby King Island. According to the flight data, the aircraft flew about 46 km past the runway of King Island Airport. It is suspected that the pilot fell asleep.

It was one of the seven flights of the twin-engine aircraft Piper PA-31 Navajo VH-TWU that was built in 1975 and accommodates nine passengers.

The report of the investigation into the strange flight of Vortex Air is expected by March next year.

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