[Video] Prisoners help a girl (1) to be released from a locked car

An American woman shared a video of a remarkable rescue on Facebook. Her husband had locked their car but discovered that the key was still on the front seat. And their daughter (1) was still in the car. However, they received help from the unexpected: from detainees.

The incident happened Thursday in New Port Richey, near Tampa in Florida. Five prisoners were carrying out a community service under the supervision of the West Pasco police when they saw people colliding with a car. A man – was later identified as the father of the baby in the car – was in a panic.

Help out

According to Sheriff Chris Nocco, the detainees were “no great danger” and wanted to help. “A lot of detainees know that they made mistakes and bad choices, but ultimately want to do the right thing in life,” he told news channel ABC. He added that their “unique skills” were very useful.

It took only a few minutes for the prisoners to open the door. They used a coat rack that a bystander had in his car. Everything was recorded with a smartphone and the video was later put on Facebook.

On these images, you can see and hear how a female officer gives advice to the father to show his face to the baby now and again, “so that she will not be afraid of all those strange people”. She also asks if the girl is okay. On the video, you can see that she is sitting quietly in her seat.


Two minutes later the car’s alarm sounds and the door is open, to the relief of the bystanders. “Well worked, boys,” it sounds.

The parents of the child confirmed afterward that the girl was in order.

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