Producer testifies: “Johnny Depp has completely lost his way”

An anonymous producer, who has worked with Johnny Depp (57) several times in recent years, has announced in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter that the actor “has completely lost his way”. “That man has only had yes-men around him for 35 years, which makes him think he is very special,” he says. According to the magazine, the actor also tried to have his ex Amber Heard (34) fired during the film ‘Aquaman’ shooting.

After he lost the lawsuit against tabloid The Sun and was rightly called a “woman swatter” according to the judge, things went from bad to worse with Depp. According to the producer, the actor is currently “a loose cannon”.

“You just can’t work with him,” he continues. ‘At the least, he gets angry and thinks you are against him. It is quite normal in Hollywood that A-stars only have heel-lickers around them, but I have never experienced it. People literally crawl around him to keep him happy.’

“Johnny Depp is the textbook example that I present to my clients on how not to behave,” also says the consultant of a crisis management company from Los Angeles. “He embodies everything you don’t want for your customer.”

Demand for dismissal

The Hollywood Reporter also dug into the court documents of Depp’s case against The Sun again, finding out that the actor was trying to get his then-wife Amber Heard fired from ‘Aquaman’. He sent a text message to his sister, producer Christi Dembrowski. “I want her to be replaced in the WB movie,” he wrote. WB stands for Warner Bros., the studio that produced ‘Aquaman’. Dembrowski exerted a profound influence on the company’s bosses, but in the end, the action had no effect.

Fans have also started a petition to have Amber fired from the sequel of the film. It has already been signed 1.5 million times. Yet Heard still remains on board. “Paid rumors and paid social media campaigns don’t affect casting because they’re not about reality,” she said in Entertainment Weekly. “Only the fans have made ‘Aquaman’ success and made ‘Aquaman 2’. I am very excited to start recording next year.”

Producer testifies: “Johnny Depp has completely lost his way”
©AP – Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in the first ‘Aquaman’ movie

Depp announced earlier this week that he would go to the court of appeal after he was proven wrong in the lawsuit against The Sun.

Earlier, the court in London ruled that there is insufficient evidence that the article in question in which he is referred to as a woman’s swatter, speaks of defamation.

In addition, it was determined that Depp had indeed assaulted his ex-wife. It is not clear exactly with which arguments Depp will go to the court of appeal.

The allegations forced the actor to give up his lead role in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ film series. Mads Mikkelsen now takes over the role of Grindelwald.

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