Quarrel with your lover: 5 things you can do best after the fight

Whether it’s a small argument that started in the moment or something bigger: arguing with your lover is never fun. Even in the best relationships, there is sometimes trouble in paradise. Very normal and not bad at all. But it can cause a lot of stress, and it doesn’t make you any happier. By doing these five things after an argument, you limit the damage and solve it healthily.

When you share your life with someone, sometimes there’s no getting around it: arguing. It’s not always easy to move on after an argument, and maybe some need more time than others. In any case, the following five tips will help you to go through life as lovebirds again as soon as possible.

Calm yourself after the fight

After a big fight, it’s better to stay calm, no matter how angry you are. When you are angry or tense, you cannot effectively resolve problems or conflicts. Therefore, make sure that you shake off all high emotions for a while. Do this alone. It might help to take a walk around or dance (yes, really). Or focus on your breathing for the same effect.

Take some time to think

Listen to your gut and try to acknowledge your gut feeling. Are you upset or scared right now? Are you angry, or do you feel insecure? Allow yourself to feel those emotions and acknowledge them. This way, you will also find out faster what went wrong, and you prevent an eruption.

Give each other space

After a heated argument, it makes sense that both of you are still angry. Therefore, give each other space to cool down. Once you’ve cooled down, you can approach your lover again and see if they want to talk about it. This way, you prevent an outburst after the fight, and you can talk about it calmly.

Find out what the problem was

After everything has settled down, it is essential to look at the real cause of the argument. It wasn’t the fact that your lover forgot a little something you asked for; there’s something deeper behind it. Talk to your lover and look for the real reason for what is going on.

Listen to your lover

If you want to resolve the argument, it is crucial to listen to your lover as well. Sit quietly with your partner and let him or her talk about the argument calmly. Your love should be able to express themselves without getting angry or judging. Just listen to his or her side of the story and then talk when it’s your turn.

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