Oops! Did Serena Williams just give away the sex of Meghan’s baby?

Tennis star Serena Williams (37) is the new face of Pampers and the mother of a daughter, Alexis Olympia, and so she recently received some questions about motherhood from E! News. For one of those questions, it seems as if she is telling the sex of her good friend’s baby, Meghan Markle (37). And of course, the gambling offices in the United Kingdom are very happy with that.

Serena Williams was asked what advice she would give to other parents. The tennis star answered: “Accept mistakes and do not expect everything to be perfect. We put too much pressure on ourselves.”

She added: “My girlfriend is pregnant and she said: “My child is going to do this” and I looked at her: “No, she is not going to do that. No, you won’t do that.” And she said, “I really need to talk to you about your tips,” because, yes, I had all those high expectations.”

Oops! Did Serena Williams just give away the sex of Meghan's baby?

The United Kingdom is now in an uproar. Is Meghan Markle that ‘pregnant friend’ Williams is talking about? And does that mean that Markle is expecting a girl? The fact that the royal couple indicated earlier that they do not want to know the gender of their baby does not seem to bother bookmakers.

Since the statements by Williams, the figures have changed considerably. Alex Apati from Ladbrokes gambling office says: “Fans of the royal family are really looking for every hint, and Serena might have given one. We do not take any risks and have therefore reduced the chances of a girl, from 8/13 to 4/7.”

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