Several countries urge their citizens to leave Afghanistan urgently

The United Kingdom is calling on its compatriots to leave Afghanistan “immediately” amid the “deteriorating security situation” by the advancing Islamist Taliban. The Netherlands and the United States have also called on their citizens to leave the country.

Since the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, the fundamentalist Taliban has been on the rise. The group has gained a lot of ground in recent months. After an advance in the countryside, the Taliban is now also targeting larger cities. On Friday, the Taliban managed to capture a provincial capital (Zaranj)


Due to the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, the British are being advised to leave the country as soon as possible. According to the British Foreign Office, the British should not count on emergency evacuations because the British government can only provide “extremely limited” assistance.

“All British citizens are being advised to leave the country immediately by commercial means of transport,” the Foreign Office said.

The British Foreign Office expects terrorists to carry out attacks in Afghanistan. “The methods of attack are evolving, and they are becoming more and more sophisticated,” it sounds.

The US embassy in Kabul advises Americans to also depart as soon as possible on a commercial passenger flight. Americans can get a loan through their embassy if they don’t have money for a plane ticket.

The Netherlands already made a similar call earlier this week. The Dutch embassy in Kabul warns that it cannot “support or evacuate” Dutch people.

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