Sighthound Margaret is a popular ‘supermodel’ for four-legged fashion

Margaret, an Italian greyhound from the Australian city of Adelaide, has quickly become one of the more significant influencers on Instagram. The temperamental dog of just four kilos shows new fashion items for quadrupeds that her owner Anna designs, makes and sells for her almost every day.

According to Margaret’s owner, she said this week in a popular TV talk show in Australia. It was not the intention to transform the smart, affectionate, and naughty animal into a celebrity and “money machine.”

“During my maternity leave, I was bored and decided to photograph Margaret for fun when she was posing ‘sexy’ on a couch. Those snapshots got an outstanding amount of likes on Instagram. Then I decided – someone who was hardly active on social media at the time – to create an account for our dog. The rest is history. Margaret now has more than 51,000 followers, and she is pretty much overwhelmed by the positive comments.”

The fashion creations in which the dog poses are sold through a specially established web store. Due to its growing popularity, coffee mugs with the portrait of Margaret can now also be found there. Whether this generates a lot of extra income for Anna’s family is not entirely clear.

The website reports that around 120 jumpsuits made of stretch fabric and other items of clothing have been sold for usually a few tens. “I don’t care about money. More importantly, Margaret has found me a new hobby. Also lovely: I can hardly go unseen with her on the street anymore. Everyone knows our intrepid dog, so exhaust laps usually last a very long time.”


The Sighthound, which also has competition on Instagram from its counterpart Tika from Canada (91,000 followers), does not only get positive responses. Many people think it is sad that Margaret is ‘abused’ as a ‘dressing doll’.

A few people think they can see ‘the expression of her head’ that the four-leg-friend is annoyed by the antics that are taken out with her. According to owner Anna, the latter is not the case. “Margaret enjoys being a real diva and is our cheerfully wagging supermodel.”

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