Six mistakes recent graduates make

With your diploma in your pocket, real-life can begin. You know everything about the student world, but at work, you are still a rookie. These six mistakes can quickly crack your professional reputation.

1. I have two diplomas and am the king of the office

It makes sense that as a recent graduate, you start at the bottom of the ladder. You are not “less”, but certainly not “more”. You may have a higher diploma than your colleague, but you still have to learn everything: how do you deal with your boss and what does he expect, how do you get things are done in the company… mastered, but be humble and pay attention to the quality of your work. This way, you can be noticed quickly.

2. Going to your boss unprepared

At work, you have to look at all the opti ons of a problem and analyze the pros and cons. At school, you could argue one point of view, often that was even the assignment. Think about possible gaps in your argument before you take it to your boss. Otherwise, he’ll send you back


3. Post everything on Facebook

At best, unprofessional behaviour on Facebook or Twitter will diminish your career prospects. You can destroy your reputation in the office by posting uncensored photos or inappropriate comments. In the meantime, there are already many stories of employees fired for their behaviour on social media.

4. Procrastination

At school, you could wait until the last minute to complete a work. You were the only one who suffered because of this. Maybe it was even good for your image among your fellow students. But this doesn’t work in the office. If you suddenly get sick or something unplanned intervenes, the whole team suffers because of you.

5. Only hang out with peers

It is comfortable to have lunch alone with colleagues of the same age. But that way, you miss opportunities to network, and that is essential in professional life. So be sure to have a chat with older colleagues.

6. Don’t say “thank you.”

When your boss or a co-worker helps you, at the very least, say “thank you.” Sincerely, that is. Otherwise, they will walk around you in a wide arc in the future, and you can figure everything out yourself.

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