Slept with over 28,000 men: Oldest pr0stitute in Kenya retire

The Guinness Book of Records is expected to examine the prowess of Nairobi’s oldest pr0stitute, Sarah Mutero, who has just celebrated her retirement anniversary after serving more than 28,000 men. Two years ago, the city’s night beauty, then 49, decided to retire from the profession.

Sarah Mutero has bowed out from the oldest profession in the world (pr0stitution), in which she thrived for many years. After arresting him, Mutero received a plot of land worth 120,000 shillings in Makuyu, Murang’ a county. Some supporters have also pledged to pool funds to build a house for her after pr0stitution.

Stanley Ngara, aka the LVCT ‘king’ of condoms, and who runs a program to retire s.ex workers humanely, said pr0stitutes have played an important role in the fight against HIV/AIDS .

“Men will seek s.ex in all ways, but when it comes to a pr0stitute, it’s a different game. They don’t accept it without condoms, but many men insist on paying more for unprotected play. Society has a negative perception of these workers, but in reality, they are on the front lines in preventing s.exually transmitted diseases,” said Ngara.

“Their clients are men in other relationships, and according to surveys, seven out of 10 clients request unprotected play. Of those seven, five are willing to pay generously. If they take such offers, you can imagine how HIV/AIDS can spread. We must support them with a retirement package,” he added.

For 23 years, Sarah Mutero was a szx worker, having served hundreds of men in her hometown of Embu, downtown Nairobi and the Majengo region. She claimed she would serve 20 or more men a day in her youth.

But with age, tough economic times, and fierce competition, she could handle four clients a day. That means an average of 100 per month, and for 23 years, she has cared for over 28,000 men.

“It is not easy to satisfy so many men, some of them being ruthless. Everything I gained from satisfying men in need went to clothes, rentals, and food for my children, as well as education,” she said.

She added: “I want to retire and settle down. I’m not addicted to the point of retiring to the streets. No, I just want a quiet life with my kids, and I’m not interested in a husband.”

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