Suzy Cortez tattooed her special part of body for Messi

After winning the Miss Bumbum 2015 contest, which rewards women with the best rearguard, Suzy Cortez has established herself as one of the most sought-after playmate, model and TV Host in her native Brazil.

Also, on Instagram she has been able to win public gathering, so far, more than one million Instagram users pending her s*x’s publications, as she did at noon on Saturday when the temperature move little high.

In the short film she appears reclining on a bed; the angle of the camera favoured her followers, showing the enormous derriere that characterizes her. The details are one of the stuffs that made this video special: a tattoo, although it is not just a simple drawing in ink because the present was dedicated to Lionel Messi, her favourite footballer.

The tattoo has the following message: “Messi 10”.

Cortez decided to impregnate the name of the athlete in the skin at her h!p, because the Golden Ball will soon be held and according to her, he will be the winner for the sixth time. Next to the publication, she added a text in which she made evident, once again, her love for the soccer player and explained the reason for such a distinguished gift to Lionel.

I am sure that the best player in history will win the Golden Ball and the FIFA 2019 The Best Award for the sixth time. I anticipated the celebration by making a tattoo with the name of Messi and number 10 along with the FC Barcelona crest to celebrate the 120 years that I love so much.”

The clip was a success and until the closing of this edition already had more than 200 thousand shares and hundreds of comments that flattered the decision of the young woman.

Undoubtedly, the fanaticism that Suzy Cortez, shows Lionel Messi has no limits, as well as his fondness for football, especially FC Barcelona club. That is why various media have crowned her as the muse of the Sao Paulo football club.

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