Remarkable story of Layla Anna-Lee and Player of FC Barcelona

The English sports presenter Layla Anna-Lee has a remarkable story shared that dates back to the World Cup of 2014. In the podcast ‘Boys Do not Cry’ did the 36-year-old English explained how a player of FC Barcelona was trying to contact on Instagram at a very unfortunate moment. And with a very unfortunate question.

For her job, Layla Anna-Lee focuses primarily on football and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The brunette is the daughter of a Brazilian mother and an English father and many men agree: she looks good. A footballer from FC Barcelona also felt that way in 2014, according to a striking anecdote with which the presenter came up.

“During the Football World Cup I interviewed an FC Barcelona player – I will keep to myself who it is – while I was in Brazil. He was still young at the time and was not in the selection of the Brazilian national team. He was just there for the World Cup. At the time I interviewed him, there were about 21 other people in the studio. ‘I am here with my father and I do not know Rio de Janeiro very well. But I would like to go out tonight. Where are you going to party? “He asked everyone present.”

Personal message on Instagram

Layla Anna-Lee decided not to respond immediately to the question of the football player. “On the one hand, I wanted to be friendly, give my telephone number and say where we were going to a party that evening. But I decided not to do that because it would not be very professional to give my number to a player I just interviewed. But that didn’t stop him. The player found my account on Instagram. He didn’t look for the cameraman account or something, but for mine.”

Remarkable story of Layla Anna-Lee and Player of FC Barcelona

The sports journalist had just got engaged to the man she can now call her husband. Because Layla Anna-Lee didn’t have much time for it herself, she asked her fiancé during the World Cup to publish something on her Instagram account on time. “When you are in the stadium, the connection is often not ideal. That is why I asked him to post a photo now and then.”

Remarkable story of Layla Anna-Lee and Player of FC Barcelona

But at an unfortunate moment, Layla Anna-Lee received an unfortunate message from the footballer in question. “He wrote: “So when will I see you?” He did not even ask whether we were going to party together, but already assumed that that would be the case. And of course, the man who had just gotten engaged with me saw that message appear while I was working in Brazil, among the handsome football players. We talked everything through FaceTime – due to the time difference of course in the strangest hours. I told him: ‘Look, I work in the football world. You should stay away from the section with personal messages because you will encounter a lot of shit there.”


Of course, it is still guessing at the player in question, but with Rafinha Alcantara, we are getting pretty close. During the World Cup in Brazil, there were 5 Brazilians in the selection at Barcelona. Dani Alves and Neymar then belonged to the Brazilian team. We can, therefore, exclude the two. Remains Adriano – then 29 -, Keirrison – then 25 – and Rafinha Alcantara. The brother of Bayern midfielder Thiago had just moved from Barcelona B to Barcelona A at the time of the World Cup in Brazil. At the age of 23, he was also the youngest Brazilian in the selection of Barcelona.

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