Teddy (6) invites 32 classmates to a birthday party, but nobody dares

The six-year-old Teddy Mazzini from Tucson in the United States invited his 32 classmates last weekend for his birthday party. The intention was to eat pizza together at a local restaurant. But unfortunately, no one showed up on the day of the party.

A local journalist, Nick VinZant, drew the boy’s fate and tweeted a picture of Teddy, surrounded by empty plates and a huge pizza at an empty table. The journalist asked his followers to wish the boy a happy birthday to make him forget the sad affair.

“If you get a chance please wish Teddy a Happy Birthday. His mom sent this after his friends weren’t able to make it to his birthday party.”

The photo was soon shared frequently and went around the world in no time. The image also drew the attention of the basketball team Phoenix Suns that the boy invited to attend a game.

In the meantime, the mother of the boy, Sil Mazzini, announced that she had been told by some parents that their child could not be present at the party, but that the rest of the guests simply did not show up. “I had a little time with parties,” says the disappointed mother.

“Happiness comes from within”
Meanwhile, the Internet community is trying to soften the suffering for the six-year-old Ted, by sending encouraging messages to him. “Congratulations boy,” someone writes. “When you realize that happiness comes from the inside, things like this are less effective. I wish I had known this, then I would have arrived!” A father of two boys says that he and his two children would like to become friends with Teddy.

“Teddy, I know it’s hard to realize right now, but I hope your parents print out all these comments and keep them for you”, someone else writes. “Two ‘life lessons’ that I have learned on this earth in my short 35-year existence: very few people still have the same friends as they had in primary school as an adult. My best friends only came into my life when I was 28 and 32 years old.”

Finally, someone gives Teddy a wise lesson: “it’s not about the amount of people at your party, but about the way you spend your time together!”

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