The 6 things you should always have with you on the beach

Summer is here, and it’s time to go to the beach, to stretch our bodies. Of course, it is important to take a break and check that you have got what you need before you start. So empty your beach bag and start checking what you have and what is missing.

Check swimsuit, check glasses, check towel. What other things should you always have with you on the beach, though? Below you will find all the must-have products and items not to miss anything at sea.

What should you have with you on the beach


The 7 things you should always have with you on the beach

We start with the basics. It would help if you had your towel. I would suggest you get two towels. One to lay where you will sit and one to wrap when you come out of the sea.

If you do not go to a beach bar, it would be good to get a mat under a towel. We are not for urinary tract infections and discomfort.


The 7 things you should always have with you on the beach

Sunscreen is your friend! Instead of carrying sunscreen for the body, one for the face, one for the neck, you can get one that does it all.

If these are your first baths, it would be good to choose a sunscreen with a high or even moderate protection index. Take care of your skin so that it does not sting you afterward.

Glasses and hat

The 7 things you should always have with you on the beach

Yes! Where would you go without sunglasses? For a start, you will not see from the sun, and your eyes will hurt too. It would be good to have a hat with you, especially if you prefer the so-called “dangerous hours” – that is, from 12 to 5. We said to go sunbathing but also to take care of ourselves.

Second swimsuit

You may not consider it necessary but think about what you can do after the sea. You can drive – so with the wet swimsuit, you will wet the car as well. You can go for dinner with your friends in a tavern.
Too bad to wet the chairs of the store. In addition, it is not good to be in a wet swimsuit for many hours because you can get sick.


Usually, we go and sit for hours on the beach – we want to get a little tan and how to do it. Get a book to keep you company. Or if you are friends and you like games, you can get cards, a backgammon or a board game that you can play at sea.

No matter how good a book is, it is always a good companion if you want a little peace.


Apart from the fact that they are very fashionable, caftans serve other purposes. For example, if you go for food after the sea – in addition to the dry swimsuit – have a kaftan to throw over you. You will look more elegant.

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