The Hachishakusama: A scary tale of eight feet tall woman

Hashishakusama is a Japanese urban legend about a tall woman who steals children. She is eight feet tall, wears a long white dress, and sounds like Po… Po… Po… Po… Po…

Hashishakusama is a ‘scary story’ introduced on the 2ch occult board. Or it refers to the mystery that appears in the story.

Who is Hashishakusama?

Hashishakusama is a mysterious woman who was sealed in a village and looked like an unidentified woman. She follows a man she likes and kills a fascinated person within a few days.

It is said that pre-adult young men, especially children, are easily targeted, and sometimes they make a relative voice to lure the other person. It is said that the frequency of appearance is not so high, and the damage is once every few to a dozen years.

She makes an eerie laugh with a man-like voice, “po.. po.. po…” You can also use techniques such as imitating the voice of a human who is close to the target and inviting you to be alert or hitting the window to arouse fear. As mentioned above, it is a mystery that originally attacks a man, but it may attack a woman depending on the work.

Encounter with Hashishakusama

The tale of Hachishakusama initially surfaced on August 26, 2008, when a user submitted a weird narrative on a Japanese website. In the article, the storyteller related a strange chain of occurrences that began in their youth around 1998. The tale was initially published in Japanese. However, we have represented a say-better translation of the narrative below:

My grandparents were born and raised in Japan. During my summer vacations and winter holidays from school, my parents would take me there to see them. It was a little but lovely community that I really loved every time I visited. My grandparents enjoyed playing with me and had a large yard. They never troubled me to have fun since I was their only grandchild.

However, the last time I saw them was more than 14 years ago, when I was just eight years old and in my third year of high school. I didn’t return after that. To say the least, I’ll never go there. But why is that? The solution may be found in the following narrative.

My parents scheduled a ticket to Japan, and we drove from the airport to my grandparents’ home, as was customary. My grandparents greeted me with wide arms when we arrived. They had a lot of little gifts for me to receive.

My parents needed some alone time, so they went on a vacation to another area of Japan after a few days, leaving me in the care of my Grandma and Grandpa.

I was playing in the backyard one day. Inside the home, my grandparents were. It was still chilly outside, but the broad perimeter of the backyard was warm and inviting, and I spent some time sitting on the fresh grass there. After that, I gazed up at the clouds, savoring the sensation of the sun’s soothing beams and the pleasant wind. I was preparing to get up when I heard “Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po…”

I was startled by a weird noise. It wasn’t a mechanical sound; it sounded like it was made by a human. It seemed like someone was repeating the sound “Po… Po… Po…” in a deep, manly voice. However, I had no idea what it was! Whatever I was thinking, I discovered a straw hat on top of the tall bushes that surrounded the backyard, and it was not placed on the hedge by me!

The hat shifted sideways, and I saw a lady at the fence’s cut. She, on the other hand, wore the cap. That’s when I recognized who was saying, “Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po…” The lady was dressed in a white gown. The hedge, on the other hand, was around 8 feet tall. How tall a lady can stick her head out of that hedge astounds me!

The lady went away and was no longer visible, and the headgear had also vanished. Furthermore, the weird sound of “Po… Po… Po…” faded into the distance.

Curiosity about the strange sound

At the time, I only imagined a tall lady dressed in an ultra-thick outfit or a tall male dressed as a woman wearing high-heeled shoes. I got up and strolled back inside the house, perplexed. My grandparents were enjoying tea in the kitchen. I sat down at the table and informed my grandparents about what I had witnessed after a while. “I had just seen a tall lady.” “I’m curious if a male disguised as a lady.” They weren’t paying attention to me at all. “She towered above the barrier.” Still, they were sipping their tea and conversing with one another. She was wearing a hat and spoke in an odd voice like Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po…. The two individuals stopped moving as soon as I finished speaking. No, it came to a complete halt.

Grandma’s eyes widened, and she put her palm over her lips. Grandpa’s expression got solemn, and he took my arm in his. Following that, he peppered me with questions in a solemn tone: “When did you see her? Where did you get a glimpse of her? What was her position? What was the height difference between her and the fence? What exactly did you do? “Did she happen to notice you?” I did my best to respond to all of his queries.

He dashed out into the hallway to the phone and dialed a number. Because the sliding door was closed, I couldn’t hear what he was saying. My Grandma was shaking as I glanced over at her.

Grandpa returned to the room after finishing the phone conversation and said something to my Grandma. He said, “I’ve had to go out for a bit.” “You’re going to remain here with the kid.” “Don’t look away from him for a second.” “What’s the matter, Grandpa?” I sobbed. “You’ve been loved by Hachishakusama,” he continued, looking at me with a sorrowful expression in his eyes. He dashed out, climbed into his truck, and sped away.

“Who is Hachishakusama?” I questioned warily of my Grandma. “Grandpa will take care of you.” There’s nothing to be concerned about.” Grandma said, her voice shaking.

She described what was going on as we sat uncomfortably in the kitchen, waiting for my Grandpa to return. She informed me that the place was haunted by a frightening and evil creature. “Hachishakusama” was the name given to it. “Hachishakusama” means “Eight Feet Tall” in Japanese. It stands around eight feet tall and laughs strangely as if it were a man speaking in a “Po… Po… Po…” voice.

Depending on who views it, it looks somewhat different. Some think it’s a girl in a white burial shroud, while others claim it’s a haggard elderly lady in a kimono. Its lofty stature and frightening laughter “Po… Po… Po…” remain constants.

It was seized by monks many years ago and imprisoned in a destroyed structure on the outskirts of the settlement. They used four miniature religious statues known as “Jizo” to confine it at the ruins’ four corners: north, south, east, and west. It wasn’t meant to be able to travel from there. It managed to get away somehow. It was 15 years ago when it first surfaced.

anybody Eight Feet Tall sees will die in a matter of days
Anybody Eight Feet Tall sees will die in a matter of days

According to my Grandma, anybody Eight Feet Tall sees will die in a matter of days. I wasn’t sure what to trust since it all seemed so weird. After then, Grandpa returned with an elderly lady. “Here, take this and hold it,” she said as she introduced herself as “K-san.” She gave me a little crumpled piece of paper and said, “Here, take this and hold it.” She and Grandpa then went upstairs to work on something.

I was left alone with my Grandma in the kitchen once again. I had to use the restroom. Granny followed me to the restroom and refused to let me close the door. All of this was starting to make me feel really worried.

Grandpa and K-san took me upstairs and into my bedroom after a time. The newspaper had been strewn over the windows, and ancient runes had been scrawled on them. Miniature bowls of salt were put in each of the chamber’s four corners, and a small Buddha statue was placed in the middle of the room on top of a wooden box. A bright blue bucket was also present. “What is the purpose of the bucket?” I inquired. Grandpa said, “That’s for your pee and poo.”

“Soon, the sun will be setting, so listen attentively,” K-san remarked as he put me down on the bed. You must remain in this chamber till the dawn of the next day. You must not come out until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, under any circumstances. Until then, your Grandma and Grandpa will not talk to you or phone you. Remember not to leave the room till then for any reason. I’ll inform your parents about what’s going on.” All I could do was nod softly as she talked in such a solemn tone.

Grandpa instructed me, “You have to follow the directions.” “And keep the parchment she handed you in your possession at all times. And if anything goes wrong, turn to Buddha for help. Also, when we go, make sure you lock this door.” They strolled out into the hallway, and I closed and locked the bedroom door after saying my goodbyes.

I attempted to watch television, but I was so frightened that I felt ill to my stomach. Grandma had given me some snacks, candies, and rice balls, but I was unable to consume them. I was miserable and afraid, and I felt like I was in jail. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. I fell asleep before I realized it.

It was well after 1 a.m. when I awoke. I became aware that something was tapping on the window all of a sudden. Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, my heart skipped a beat as I felt the blood drain from my face. I urgently attempted to calm myself down by convincing myself that only the wind or the branches of a tree played tricks on me.

I sipped a cup of tea to calm myself, but I was so terrified that I began to watch TV with a loud sound to block out the tapping sounds. It eventually came to an end. That’s when I heard my Grandpa’s voice for the first time.

“Are you all right in there?” he inquired. “You don’t have to remain in there alone if you’re terrified.” I can come in and entertain you.” I grinned and went over to open the door, but I came to a complete halt. My whole body was covered with goosebumps. It sounded like Grandpa’s voice, but it wasn’t quite right. I had no idea what it was, but I simply knew… “Can you tell me what you’re doing?” Grandpa had inquired. “You may now open the door.”

A shiver ran down my spine as I looked to my left. The salt in the bowls had begun to blacken. I took a step back from the door. Fear made my whole body tremble. I knelt in front of the Buddha statue, clutching the piece of paper in my hand firmly. I began frantically pleading for assistance. I cried out, “Please rescue me from Hachishakusama!” Then I heard a voice outside the door say, “Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po! The tapping on the window had resumed!

I was seized with terror and spent the remainder of the night crouching in front of the statue, half-crying, and half-praying. I thought the night would never end, but it did, and it was dawn. The time on the desk watch was, in fact, 7:13 a.m. The salt in all four bowls had become pitch black. I double-checked my watch just in case. 7:13 was also shown. I slowly pushed open the dreadful door. With worrisome expressions on their faces, Grandma and K-san stood outside, waiting for me.

Grandma broke into tears when she saw my face. “I’m so delighted you’re still alive,” she expressed her gratitude. My father and mother were seated in the kitchen when I got downstairs, which startled me.

“Hurry up!” Grandpa yelled as he entered. “It’s time for us to start moving.” We arrived at the front door to see a huge black vehicle parked in the driveway. “That’s the kid,” said many men from the village as they stood around it, pointing at me.

They sat me in the center of a 9-seater vehicle, surrounded by eight guys. K-san was behind the wheel. “You’ve gotten yourself into quite a bit of trouble,” the guy on my left observed, looking down at me. I realize you’re probably concerned. Just close your eyes and keep your head down. We aren’t able to see it, but you are. “Don’t open your eyes until we’ve safely gotten you out.”

Grandpa took the lead, with my father’s automobile following close after. Our little convoy began moving once everyone was ready. We were moving at a reasonably moderate pace… approximately 20 km/h or less.

“This is when it becomes hard,” K-san remarked after a time, murmuring a prayer under her breath. That’s when I heard the voice for the first time. “Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po! In my palm, I grasped the parchment K-san had handed me firmly. I kept my head down but sometimes peered out the window. A white garment billowing in the air caught my eye. It was travelling in the same direction as the vehicle. Hachishakusama was the name of the character. Although she was outside the window, she kept up with us.

She then immediately knelt and glanced inside the vehicle. “No!” I let out a gasp. “CLOSE YOUR EYES!” yelled the guy next to me. I instantly closed my eyes as tightly as I could and gripped the sheet with both hands. The tapping then started. Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap! The speaker’s voice became louder. “Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po! All around us, there was tapping on the windows.

The guys in the vehicle were all surprised and apprehensive, mumbling frantically to one another. They couldn’t see or hear Hashishakusama, but they could hear her tapping on the glass. K-san began praying with increasing vigour, nearly yelling. Inside the vehicle, the stress was terrible. The tapping ceased after a time, and the voice faded away gradually.

“I suppose we’re secure now,” K-san remarked, returning our stare. All of the males in my immediate vicinity exhaled a sigh of relief. The guys exited the van as it pulled up on the side of the road. They drove me to my father’s automobile. Tears streamed down my mother’s face as she pulled me tight.

The guys bowed to Grandpa and my father, and they continued on their journey. K-san approached the window and requested that I show her the parchment she had given me. I saw that my hand had become entirely black as I opened it. “I believe you’ll be OK now,” she remarked. “However, just to be sure, keep this for a bit.” She presented me with a fresh piece of paper.

Other’s experience

After that, we drove directly to the airport, where Grandpa greeted us as we boarded the aircraft safely. My parents exhaled a sigh of relief as we lifted off. My father informed me that he had already heard of “Hashishakusama.” His pal had formerly been a favorite of hers. The boy vanished without a trace and was never seen again.

Hashishakusama is a mysterious woman who was sealed in a village
Hashishakusama is a mysterious woman who was sealed in a village

According to my father, other individuals who had been liked by her and survived to speak about it. They were all forced to leave Japan and relocate to other nations. They were never allowed to return to their native countries. She has a habit of picking youngsters as her victims. It’s because youngsters are reliant on their parents and family members, they claim. This makes it simpler for her to fool people when she pretends as a relative.

He said that the guys in the van were all blood relations of mine, which explained why they were seated all around me with my father and grandfather driving in front and rear. It was all done in an attempt to perplex Hachishakusama. It took a long time to call everyone and gather them all, which is why I was confined to my room all night.

He went on to say that one of the little “Jizo” sculptures, which were supposed to keep her captive, had been damaged, and that was how she got away. It gave me shivers. When we eventually arrived at our destination, I was relieved. All of this occurred over a decade ago. Since then, I haven’t seen my grandparents, and I haven’t even been allowed to step inside Japan.

After that, I would contact them every few weeks and have a phone conversation with them. Over the years, I tried to persuade myself that it was all a hoax, that everything that had transpired was simply a ruse. But there are moments when I’m not so sure. Two years ago, my Grandpa passed away. He wouldn’t let me see him while he was unwell, and he made it clear in his will that I wasn’t allowed to attend his burial. It was all pretty depressing.

After some few years, my Grandma phoned. She said that she had received a cancer diagnosis. She yearned to see me one last time before she died, and she was determined to do so. “Are you sure, Grandma?” says the narrator. “Do you think it’s safe?” She said, “It’s been ten years.” “That was all a long time ago.” Everything has been forgotten. You’ve reached adulthood. I’m certain there won’t be any issues.” “But… but… what about Hachishakusama?” says the narrator.

He stated that on the other end of the line, there was silence for a brief moment. Then he heard a deep male voice say, “Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po… Po!

After its original publication, the tale of “Hachishakusama,” or “Eight Feet Tall,” gained a lot of traction in Japan, and was re-posted on a variety of websites. The above tale initially appeared on the website ScaryForKids, which is dedicated to eerie stories and activities for kids. This version differs somewhat from the original, which depicted the storyteller as a resident rather than a person with Japanese relations.

These alterations were obviously designed to accommodate the increasing English-speaking non-resident audience. However, at the conclusion of both tales, the storyteller really departs Japan for good, implying that Hachishakusama might track him down and take his life as long as he remains in the nation.

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