How to tell if a man likes you by your zodiac sign

Each of us deals with falling in love in our way. Some try to hide their feelings, while others find it very difficult to restrain themselves from expressing emotions.

If you want to know if a man likes you, astrologers advise you to watch for some, sometimes non-obvious, signs.

Each zodiac sign expresses itself in its way in love and relationships. Here’s what to look out for if you want to know about a man’s liking.

How to understand that an Aries man likes you

Aries flirts with their body. There is a little subtext in his actions because he is straightforward.

Look at his eyes. Fire signs cannot hide emotions. We read them in their eyes. Aries, like other fire signs, will try to be closer to you, using open body language and gestures.

He will try to hug you, kiss you on the forehead, or wrap his arms around you.

More sarcastic Aries may use less open body language. They might just sit down to share some naughty gossip with you.

Aries love to dress to impress. He loves red clothes. Aries will put on the most beautiful suit, shoes, do his hair. He wants to look good for someone who wants to know better.

Since this zodiac sign handles the head, Aries has beautiful, shiny hair. Aries does not mind showing off what he considers the best dignity of his body.

Sometimes men of this zodiac sign are distant, live in their heads, and constant movement. You need to become one priority in their life. If they go to achieve some of their goals, the relationship can fade into the background. But if he likes you, Aries will give you their attention.

Aries body language

  • Will sit down to you, come closer, invade your space.
  • Dressed to impress. The best clothes will make a new hairstyle or will try to showcase his body, undressing in front of you.
  • He will try to touch you as if.
  • Grabbing you to hug, give you a loud kiss.
  • Aries look will tell you everything. He does not know how to hide emotions. He will look deeply into your eyes, and you will see sparks of love.
  • Don’t expect him to be cute. Aries is assertive and impatient.
  • It can be awkward, especially if he likes you, which can make him more nervous.
  • Will reciprocate. If he understands what you like, you won’t have to wait long.

How to tell if a Taurus man likes you

Taurus uses the eyes to win over the object of their attention. He takes some time to get to know the person better. He must weigh carefully to decide clearly if you are a suitable partner.

Taurus is a monogamous and very sensual sign. While in a relationship, they love to touch the one they love.

They can meet you at the entrance, walk next to you, sit next to you, hold your hand. Closeness helps them understand how sincere a person is.

Taurus loves pleasant, clean scents. If you want to attract a Taurus, try to dress in a traditional style, wear a little perfume, and smile more often.

This sign of the zodiac likes carefree personalities who often laugh, whom it is pleasant to look at, and they know how to cook. If you want to please a Taurus, you need to delight his senses.

You know Taurus has sympathy for you if he sets you apart from others, constantly approaches you in a group of friends and acquaintances, and touches your back as you walk.

If a Taurus man does not like you, he will try to be distant from you, will not touch you, or focus on someone else.

It is not so difficult to understand that he likes you. Taurus is a stable, earthly sign, and even if at the beginning he seems shy to you when he opens up, then his behavior is constant.

Taurus body language

  • He will look you directly in the eyes and constantly observe what is happening. He is guided by his senses and not intuition.
  • Taurus uses open body language when they like someone.
  • Will constantly be near. If you are in a group, you can easily spot a Taurus, and he is spinning around you.
  • Holds your hand, escorts you to the door on a date, sits next to you all the time. Remember that Taurus is very selective, so that he will set you apart from the rest.
  • He seems to be more groomed than usual (given that Taurus looks after themselves).
  • Gives you a gift. This is not the first thing that comes to their minds, but if they give you a gift, it means that he thinks a lot about you.
  • If Taurus likes someone, it can be difficult for him to find words. He may try to tell a silly joke to see if the ice can be melted.
  • Taurus will let you know if he doesn’t like you; you can easily read the antipathy on his face.
  • Will acted slowly.

How to tell if a Gemini man likes you

Gemini can be challenging to read because there is a lot of duality in this zodiac sign. Gemini can be very expressive or very detached. If Gemini likes you, they will express it uniquely.

Men of this zodiac sign will talk more than use their bodies to get your attention.

Gemini has a pretty lively body language. He may play with your hair, write something on your arm, or suddenly offer a massage. In love, he unusually manifests himself. At some point, he will seem modest to you, and then suddenly, he wants to undress.

Gemini can hold your hand when you walk, playfully look you in the eye, but at some point, just relax and lie lazily next to you.

Their imagination is inexhaustible, and they will constantly surprise you with something. However, they may well disappear from your life for a few days. Gemini lives and acts in two ways, sometimes rushing from one extreme to another.

If they treat you neutrally, then most likely, the representative of this zodiac sign is indifferent to you.

Gemini body language

  • They will stifle you with attention; they will immediately take their place in your space.
  • Will hold your hand when you cross the road, hug you when you meet.
  • Will look you in the eye like crazy.
  • If Gemini likes you, they will do their best to look their best, brighter and simply stunning.
  • Will constantly flirt with her body. Can wear things that grab your attention.
  • They will kiss you. This is one of the most reckless air signs of the zodiac.
  • He wants to dance with you.
  • Worry about getting it perfect. They will cook you some kind of dish or throw a party and will be constantly nervous.

How to know that a Cancer man likes you

Cancers do not know how to hide their feelings, and their body ultimately betrays this. Cancer will try to hug you as tightly as possible, and sometimes his behavior will seem overly intrusive to you.

He will hypnotize you with a look; you will feel his presence with your whole body.

Cancer will cheer you up. He will pat you on the back, squeeze your hand, and hug you tightly. Cancer loves affection and craves intimacy.

This zodiac sign needs physical closeness and will say naughty things from time to time. Most likely, he likes you.

Cancer is not that hard to understand and not so picky. This is one reason they often find themselves in a relationship with the wrong person.

Be careful, though, because they get severe when they get attached to someone. They will be loyal to you under all circumstances, write to you and inseparably, and follow you.

Language of the body

  • Will give you a solid and emotional hug.
  • Will look you in the eye and laugh good-naturedly with you.
  • Cancer wants to be closer; he likes to touch, to dance. He will want to know you from head to toe.
  • Can look at you from afar.
  • Sometimes he is awkward next to a person he likes, as he is overwhelmed with emotions.
  • Cancer can faithfully wait for your return. He will listen to you carefully and want to get to know you better.

How to tell if a Leo man likes you

Leo is one of the most affectionate and sincere signs of the zodiac. For falling in love, Leo will not hide his feelings. He will want to conquer you with sweeping gestures and attention.

He is not afraid to uncover his affection. If Leo hugs you, tries to hold your hand, and be as close as possible, he likes you.

If you are in a close circle with his friends, this is a good sign because Leo wants to have a special connection with the person he likes.

Remember that this zodiac sign vitally needs the attention of others, and if he likes you, he will seek your attention even more. Leo will actively pursue you and stay alone with you.

In private, they become very soft and attentive. Pretty soon, your relationship will move to a more intimate level.

Leo needs one who will admire him, joke, and be on the same wavelength as him. If you find yourself in a relationship with him, they will be a loyal and loving partner, expecting the same in return.

Leo body language

  • He will wait for you at the entrance, waiting for the opportunity to kiss you. He can say too much too early.
  • He will be ready for big deeds (sometimes even strange ones) and big gestures in the name of love.
  • He will often laugh and have fun with you.
  • Will play with your hair, touch it often.
  • He shows his strength and endurance and wants to compete with someone to look even better in your eyes.
  • Will shower you with gifts and tokens.

How to understand that a Virgo man likes you

Virgo can get nervous when he likes someone. When a Virgo man is in love, he behaves pretty restrained, at first carefully studying you.

A person may not even be aware of sympathy because this man does not like to be intrusive. He will observe you, note to himself your habits, what you love or dislike.

You know Virgo likes you when he provides you with small favors without you asking him for something.

Virgos rarely decide on some kind of active action, but they can invite you to a group of friends to get to know you better in a familiar environment.

Virgos are not very open about expressing them in feelings, especially if someone else is fighting for your attention. Here, the Virgo man may even move away, leaving you with the right to choose. To find out that he likes you, pay attention to subtle signs, especially when alone.

If he is interested, he will listen to you attentively and give you sound advice on your questions. Give him time. If genuine sympathy arises between you, it will develop into a bond that no one can deny.

Virgo body language

  • He will behave like a gentleman, be very polite, greet you and say goodbye to you regularly.
  • The man will try to make the environment pleasant for you. Will help you fix or remove something.
  • He will give you small, delightful gifts, such as flowers, or make a cake for you to think about.
  • He will take care of your well-being, will be with you when you get sick.
  • He will become more relaxed by expressing his desires.

How to know if a Libra man likes you

Venus rules the Libra sign, so love for them is one of their vital necessities, such as water or food. When they like you, they are unlikely to keep it a secret.

A Libra man will send you a bouquet, leave you a cute message, tell his friends how wonderful you are in every way.

He will not hesitate to take the first step, hold your hand in front of everyone and show everyone that you are a couple.

This man knows how to conquer a woman with beautiful gestures. Most likely, he will invite you to a traditional date – dinner and a movie, and it will be as romantic as possible.

It will be easy for you to understand that you have won the heart of a man under the sign of Libra. It will be more challenging to know if you have offended or hurt him since he always tries to be polite and maintain harmony in the relationship.

Libra body language

  • He will try to adapt to your energy and mirror your gestures and facial expressions.
  • Will do strange things in your presence to test how comfortable you are with them.
  • Will laugh with you until you drop.
  • Will sit next to you, looking into your eyes, so that a deep and instant affection arises between you.
  • Will always be there for you to comfort you in the most challenging times.
  • He will try to maintain balance in the relationship since he is not too straightforward, but he cannot be shy.

How to tell if a Scorpio man likes you

Scorpios are stealthy and don’t like to show their cards. When he finds someone he cannot resist, you will feel it.

It usually starts with the traditional piercing scorpion gaze. You can go about your daily activities when suddenly, for some unknown reason, you turn around, feeling that he is looking at you.

His gaze can intrigue and very insightful. Although Scorpio can start dating, he is more likely to create all the conditions to take the first step yourself.

For him, it is instead a way to test whether sympathy is mutual. While this behavior will seem like a game with too many signs of the zodiac, Scorpio knows how to create intrigue to keep you hooked.

They are masters of charm and seduction. They have the warmest hugs and love physical contact.

If a Scorpio likes you, he will try to touch any part of your body, be it here, fingers, nose, cheeks, shoulders, knees, or back.

More often than not, Scorpio doesn’t smile openly. Instead, you’ll see a grin on his face more often.

Scorpios are great owners in love, and they don’t like to share what they consider being theirs. They may try to control you, although they will be very loving.

Scorpio body language

  • Scorpio has a well-thought-out body language to attract the opposite sex.
  • He will want to leave you only for himself and will stay with you in grief and joy.
  • Scorpio will touch you often, especially your face and hair.
  • He will mark his territory and keep you away from other men and women.
  • He can be very emotional and may cry if things go wrong with you.
  • Scorpio will be very affectionate, gentle, and caring when flirting.

How to tell if a Sagittarius man likes you

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius values their freedom the most. He is always busy with something and always on the move. Since it is tough to tie him to any place, it may not always be evident that he likes you.

But, if he takes you with him on trips or joint activities, this is a good sign that the man has sympathy for you.

Sagittarius also often uses gestures and facial expressions to attract the attention of the opposite sex. He can tell you compliments and piquant jokes, make hints.

A Sagittarius cannot keep a secret and is unlikely to hide his feelings for you. He will sit as close to you as possible, snuggle up in the dance, laugh at your jokes, and try to get close to you as quickly as possible.

This sign is a master of flirting by nature, but his friendly courtship can sometimes be misunderstood. When a Sagittarius is in love, he becomes highly awkward and very romantic.

Sagittarius body language

  • It will move beautifully or dance to seduce you.
  • Sagittarius loves holding hands and hugging.
  • Showcases his body and his capabilities to attract you.
  • Will try to teach you something that you have long wanted to learn (dancing, cycling, and other activities).
  • He will not hesitate to call and will talk to you for hours for no reason.
  • Will draw closer to you and start innocent physical contact.
  • Will ask you out on a date or arrange an unusual date.

How to know if Capricorn man likes you

Capricorns are known for their poise and discipline. By the time they find the right partner for themselves, they are likely to have already built a successful career.

This is great if you are looking for a stable partner for the long term, as they will put in the time and effort to build a relationship with you.

Like other earth signs, Capricorn will act cautiously but confidently. If you like Capricorn, he will approach you according to a previously studied plan. Their manners are impeccable, and they give the impression of being entirely calm for people.

Capricorn is quite good-natured and reserved when flirting. He will try to spend as much time with you as possible and create a positive atmosphere. Although he may be shy in public, he becomes pretty sensual when alone with the object of his attention.

He will keep promises and will remember all the most minor details of you. You know he likes you, as he will give you close and undivided attention. Capricorns are unlikely to act assertively and will often look at you.

Will try to get your attention and become vital to you.

Capricorn body language

  • Be more relaxed and talkative with someone he likes.
  • Will consider and observe you for a long time.
  • He prefers to get close to an intimate atmosphere and will try to take every opportunity to kiss you.
  • Will make you a part of their social circle.
  • Capricorn flirts insinuatingly and subtly because he wants to look meaningful in your eyes.
  • He will never be imposed and will want to attract you naturally.

How to understand that an Aquarius man likes you

It is pretty challenging to understand the body language of an Aquarius when he likes you. He loves being around you.

As an air sign, he usually has a large circle of friends. If he thinks it’s worth starting a relationship with you, he will first test the waters by introducing you to his friends.

When Aquarius is in love, you may notice minor changes in their behavior. This zodiac sign is emotionally detached and tries constantly to aim. So he’s pretty relaxed overall.

But if he gets nervous, twirl the keys in his hand, fidget, bite his lip, and smooth clothes in your presence, he most likely likes you. He may not find the right words to express his emotions, but it will be difficult for you not to notice his dreamy smile.

If you do not let him know you are interested, he will keep you somewhere, but he will not put you in any frame.

Aquarius body language

How to tell if a Pisces man likes you

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Sometimes it will be difficult for you to tell if they are in love or just daydreaming.

Their behavior and reactions will stand out when they flirt with you. They will gaze into your eyes, hold your hand, and comfort you when you need it most.

This man will make you feel special and laugh at all your jokes. Pisces can be very demanding, but they will protect you at the same time.

Men of this sign of the zodiac sign know how to keep secrets, but they hardly hide emotions.

This zodiac sign loves to be alone a lot, but if he spends more time with you, this is one sure sign that Pisces likes you.

It will be difficult for you to find a more loving, gentle, and kind partner.

Pisces body language

  • Will comfort and support you, will always come to the rescue.
  • Like other watermarks, it can be jealous, but more sweetly and easily.
  • Will want to do some ordinary business with you or go on a long walk with you.
  • Will smile at you to make you feel special.
  • Pisces always protect and preserve people dear to them. They will treat you like a treasure.

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