The passing of a gender law reported in Kenya

The Kenyan Parliament postponed the long-awaited vote on the draft law on gender equality until 2019. This is after the House failed to increase the number of votes required to vote.

This is the fourth time that the vote on the bill. Which aims to apply the two-thirds rule on the representation of men and women in parliament, is problematic.

Although the Kenyan Constitution stipulates that no more than two-thirds of the elected. Or appointed bodies can be of the same sex, women occupy 22% of the seats in the country’s parliament.

Previous judicial decisions compelling Parliament to implement legislation have failed. With female legislators accusing their male colleagues of deliberately thwarting their efforts.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Vice President and other senior political leaders have already made public their views on the bill and urged lawmakers to support it.

For the bill to reach third reading, it takes two-thirds, a majority or at least 233 members to support it.

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