The reasons why you are craving sweets from time to time

Many people have been craving sweets from time to time. This desire comes either from a lack of chromium, magnesium, B vitamins, or from an unforeseen situation, stress, lack of energy, Russian nutritionist Elena Solomatina explains.

Many people try to eat well on a daily basis by excluding sweets from their diet. But sometimes you craving sweets, and the urge to do so is persistent.

As Russian nutritionist Elena Solomatina told Sputnik on Radio Sputnik, if someone wants to enjoy a cake, they have to give in to this desire and then return to a normal diet. The most important thing is not to cling to the idea that it’s a crisis, the specialist said.

“A person has to pamper themselves and not feel like a superman, and it takes balance. Sometimes failures are more helpful than severe restrictions,” she said.

Lack of certain elements

But if craving sweets does not disappear, this can first be explained by a lack of elements in the body.

“First of all, it may be a lack of chromium, magnesium, B vitamins. Chromium can be obtained in the form of additives; it is found in meat in seafood. Magnesium is found in buckwheat, green vegetables, seeds. B vitamins can be obtained from meat, complex carbohydrates, whole wheat bread, cereals,” the nutritionist pointed out.

Stress, lack of energy

The other reason is an unforeseen situation, stress, lack of energy, says Solomatina.

“It can be a divorce, break up, illness of relatives, or if a person cannot receive the pleasure hormones from something: no hobbies, if they have stopped doing sports, retired.”

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