These 5 absurd features ensure that you earn less

Are you coincidental left-handed, small, fat, dark-haired and don’t you really like alcohol? Then you are stuck because according to various surveys you get a lot less salary than your colleagues.

But if you do not believe that, there are probably 5 other types of research that claim something else!

Job for Left-handed

Bad news for all ‘lefties’. Left-handers earn on average 10 to 12 percent less than their right-handed colleagues. This is shown by recent research by Harvard University. Joshua Good, the professor who led the study, thinks that this pay gap is due to the different wiring of the brain so that left-handed people are more likely to have behavioral disorders and learning difficulties. Because of this they are often less well educated than right-handed people.

Dark hair color (in white women)

In the 2010 Queensland University of Technology studied the wages of 13,000 white women. What seems? Blondes earn on average 7% more than the rest! And in doing so, they get married more often with rich men. Their husbands earn about 6% more than the average. Now we know where the expression ‘blondes have more fun’ comes from…

Small stature

No wonder that small people sometimes have a Napoleon complex. They are effectively treated inferior. A 2004 study by the University of Florida found that every inch gives you an extra $310 per year. Since people can sometimes differ by 30 centimeters, this comes at an extra $9300 for long slungels! A study by Princeton University in 2006 suggests that large people earn more because they are simply smarter. As children, they score a lot higher on cognitive tests.


Overweight people get paid less than their colleagues with a normal BMI. That’s how it sounds in a study by George Washington University. And if you are a woman next to being corpulent, you are totally the proverbial Jos. On average, overweight women get 8666 dollars less than women with a normal BMI. For men, this difference is $4772. Are fat people less productive, or do they opt for less paying jobs? No, it may have to do with attractiveness. People who are attractive according to current beauty standards are more likely to get a job and have a greater chance of building a great career.

Alcohol abstinence

According to a 2006 study, ‘social drinkers’, people who occasionally take a pint, deserve more than alcohol abstainers. Men earn an average of 21% more if they regularly drink alcohol, women on average 6% more. Somewhere it is also logical. The friends with whom you sit at the café, give you support and can help you to a better job. And you can meet new customers or future employers in the café. But – of course – If you are so drunk at that moment that you are almost under the table, that meeting will be rather counterproductive.

These 5 absurd features ensure that you earn less

The moral of the story? A lot of such research is better with a grain of salt (especially if the test group was on the low side).

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