These foods should not be given to Dogs

Healthy food for humans can be toxic for canids, warned the head of the Russian Cynological Federation before explaining which foods to avoid and which ones to favor.

The head of the Russian Canine Federation, Vladimir Golubev, explained in an interview with the media “Ridus” on how to prepare a balanced diet for your pet.

According to him, sharing a croissant or an avocado sandwich with your pet should not become a habit because these foods can cause poisoning or inflammation. Avocados are forbidden because of persin, a powerful toxin for dogs. It causes diarrhea, vomiting, nasal congestion, sneezing, and breathing problems.

The cynologist recommends exclusive dry food or a natural diet with a mixture of vitamins and minerals approved by the veterinarian. In the first case, the animal will receive all the necessary trace elements. In the second case, it will compensate for the deficiency with supplements.

Resisting Dog’s demands

All members of the family must respect one overriding rule: never give the Dog anything at the table or when, more generally, he asks for food.

Prohibited foods

He also stressed that certain products should not be given to them under any circumstances, including alcohol and sweets.

Chocolate is considered extremely dangerous due to its content of theobromine, a poison for them. Onions and garlic, even cooked, cause diarrhea and anemia.

Many types of nuts can also cause severe damage to their nervous system in addition to seizures, vomiting, high fever.

Carrots, fresh cucumbers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, peeled pears, and bananas are allowed from time to time. As a reward during training, the expert-recommended giving the dogs chicken or boiled turkey meat, pumpkin, or cherry tomatoes.

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