“This is disgusting”: Arab man (80) marries 12-year-old girl [video]

An age difference of 68 years! An 80-year-old Arabian ended up marrying a little underage girl of 12 years. Apparently, the little girl supposes to be his granddaughter. “This is so disgusting.”

The video of an older adult who has married a girl of about 12-years-old aroused intense anger on the web. In that clip, the man was so excited as he walks towards his new bride.

The Arabian enters the room and heads towards the little girl, who was lying on a well-decorated bed. Cheers from some women accompany him. All smiles, he approaches his future wife and kisses her on the cheek.


On social media, a summary of the comments triggered towards child abuse and the expression of their waves of anger. “As a Muslim woman, I am very grateful that my parents westernized me. I am disgusted by the Arabs. The whole Middle East is not disgusting, but the Saudis and the surrounding Arab countries are. I’m so ashamed,” a lady stressed.

“I don’t understand how this is still allowed in the 21st century. It’s not like the Middle East, and Muslims around the world don’t have access to other cultures and don’t know what’s best,” said Melanie Lauren.

“These women inside the house who take videos are the ones who don’t let Islam evolve with the modern world. They are to blame, ” another suggested. The account that posted the video added that “no argue with religion but what’s the purpose of the marriage when he will die after 3-4 or a couple of years later”.

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