This lizard has its cookbook and the favorite place is the kitchen

This lizard, Chef Lenny, poses to your heart’s content with miniature meals from Christmas cookies to tacos with fresh guacamole. He is barely a year old, and he already has his cookbook.

The book results from 20 years of experience in the kitchen of owner Valerie and her love for her lizard Lenny. She calls it her quarantine project. “The kitchen is Lenny’s favorite space in the house,” she says. “Lenny is a great cook, he’s a real food snob.”

Chef Lenny: Cooking for People is full of adorable photos of lizard Leonard Patrick, better known as Lenny, posing with miniature meals and comfort food recipes – for people.

Chef Lenny Cooking for Humans
©Instagram/whosagoodlizard – “Chef Lenny Cooking for Humans.”

Chef’s hat from Etsy

With 20 years of experience in the kitchen, owner Valerie Musser from Washington has been trying to write a cookbook for ten years. “During the quarantine, I finally found the time to start writing,” she tells Metro in an interview.

Chef Lenny Cooking for Humans
©Instagram/whosagoodlizard – “Chef Lenny Cooking for Humans.”

“I got the idea to make the book about Lenny because of the little chef’s hat I bought for him on Etsy. He really enjoys wearing hats and posing for photos, so I started making miniature meals for him so he could show them off.”

“He likes to be in the kitchen, it is his favorite space in the house. I posted a few photos of Lenny with the chef’s hat on Instagram, and the response has been so positive. I realized people really needed this. Everything was so negative and scary during the chaos of the virus, so I wanted to create something funny and uplifting.”

Pretentious Lenny

“It turns out that Lenny is well suited to be a cook. He is very pretentious. You can tell from his body language that he knows exactly what he wants. He is demanding, fussy, and a real food snob. This project suits him perfectly, “says Valerie.” If he doesn’t like something, he’ll stare at you. He likes to be hand-fed, and he refuses to eat from bowls. We also have another lizard with a total “Different personality. He’s rather cool, but Lenny is a very haughty and spoiled lizard man.”

Chef Lenny
©Instagram/whosagoodlizard – Chef Lenny

“Lizards are very expressive. They dream, have nightmares, and they use their body language to communicate their feelings. They change color when they are angry or when they are cold. When the ends of their scales turn orange, it means they are very happy. So we know exactly when Lenny likes to be in the kitchen,” says Musser. Judging by the number of photos on his personal Instagram page, very often.

Each small meal in the book is edible and inspired by Musser’s favorite comfort food dishes. “These are authentic recipes that you would eat with your grandmother, from chicken soup to blueberry muffins.”

We know cookbooks for people who love animals, but this is the first cookbook we come across of an animal for people. Unfortunately, the book can only be ordered from the United States, but you can follow Lenny’s Instagram page to keep up to date with his adventures in the kitchen.

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