This study revealed the most resistant fabric to Covid-19

Among all the types of material examined by experts in many countries, cotton has shown a higher level of resistance to Covid-19. The virus breaks down on cotton clothing in less than 24 hours, according to a Canadian study.

Experts from the University of Manitoba, along with others from the Public Health Agency of Canada, studied the stability of Covid-19 on contaminated personal protective equipment in an experiment consisting of various fabrics.

Cotton has been shown to be the most resistant to the virus. Once the latter is found on cotton fabrics, it degrades in less than a day. The results of this research have been made public on the medRxiv portal but are awaiting evaluation.

In this study, SARS-CoV-2 was also placed on nitrile gloves intended for medical examination, N-95, and N-100 respirators, on a material called Tyvek (a lightweight and durable synthetic fabric ), plastic, as well as stainless steel. Observations were made for three weeks. The virus was then impossible to detect on cotton fabric.

Experts have also established that cotton face masks are the safest and healthiest.

Other studies

A study by experts from the University of Illinois (also still awaiting an evaluation) has also shown that three layers of pure cotton t-shirts offer the same level of protection as surgical clothing.

Moreover, by putting cotton clothes in a closet, 24 hours later, they can be considered safe, said Izvestia Stanislav Otstavnov, a leading Russian researcher at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, to the Russian newspaper.

He pointed out the importance of studying various tissues, as it is now necessary to understand under what conditions the virus survives and dies most rapidly.

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